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Declutter and Donate

Here’s a hint: That too-tight sweater your mom gave you won’t make the cut.

So maybe you finally got around to watching The Home Edit, or perhaps you’re all in on the idea of a fresh start for a new year. Whatever it is, you’re going to de-clutter your closet. Sure, this decision might seem daunting, but with some guidance, you can successfully tackle this (probably) long-overdue task. From admitting that you’ll never wear that trendy top again to deciding where to donate gently used clothes, here are three tips to help you clear out your closet like an organizing pro.

First, pull out your entire wardrobe and ask yourself a few questions about each article of clothing: “Do I love it? Do I wear it? Does it fit?.” If you love it, keep it. If you haven’t worn it in a year, and there’s no sentimental value attached to it, toss it. If it doesn’t fit, consider letting it go because who knows if you’ll ever be able to wear it again.

Second, divide the items you’re ditching into two categories. Stained or stretched-out items should be recycled or thrown out. If the clothing is still in good shape, decide where to donate it. Several places in and around Fort Worth take gently used clothing; our favorites include Safe Haven, Thrift Giant, the Resale Shop at the Center for Transforming Lives, and the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. 

Third, make an organization attack plan. Buy shoe bins, storage bins, new hangers, and jewelry racks—anything that’ll help you keep your closet tidy. Make a donation bin so you can do a weekly edit. When shopping for new clothes, donate two items for every one purchased. 

Keep these tips in mind and your closet overhaul will be an (almost) painless project. 

Safe Haven

Thrift Giant 

Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County 

The Resale Shop at the Center for Transforming Lives