Declutter and Destress

How to get reorganized after the holidays

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but the aftermath takes a toll on us.  If you think about it, we consume a ton of food, exchange lots of presents, and buy way too many things for holiday celebrations. When the season comes to an end, we are often tired and gearing up for our fresh start.  I have a few secrets that will change your life.  Physical stuff causes us anxiety and stress, so let's talk about how to tackle this challenge. You truly can move on after the holidays and be clutter-free.  

Now that you've overspent and accumulated a ton of things focus on the process of decluttering.  The money is gone, so you cannot look at what you paid. This year, let's focus on the cost of clutter. If you are ready to get control of your stuff, then you'll take these tips seriously. I highly recommend scanning each space in your home and asking yourself a few questions.  Do I really need this?  Will I use it during the next year?  Am I holding onto it for me?  

Did you know that most people save things for reasons that have nothing to do with themselves?  As a professional organizer, I often hear my clients say things like it was a gift, I might use it someday, or I'm keeping it in case my sister needs it. I give you permission to let go of these items that you don't use and won't use. These things not only take up space but they cause negative emotions and stress.  

Start by decluttering holiday decorations that you didn't use this year, going through your baking items, decluttering your kid's toys so that there is room for the new ones, and passing on the gifts that you won't use.  When your space is free of clutter, your mind is free of the stress caused by it.

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