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Deep Roots

1. My grandfather, Donald Lewis McMillen, was the Larimer County extension agent from 1937 until his death in 1965. He was devoted to helping farmers and ranchers grow their business. Although I was never able to meet him, I feel the very same passion for helping my local businesses grow!

The Exhibition Hall at the old fairgrounds in Loveland was named after my grandfather for his commitment to the Larimer County 4-H program. The McMillen Building served as the exhibit hall for the Larimer County Fair as well as many other community events.  

2. In 1971, The Loveland Chamber of Commerce sent this wonderful letter to my grandmother. The letter reads, "We hope that you can join us in dedicating these new facilities in honor and recognition of two individuals who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of agriculture in Larimer County."

3. Just like my grandfather, my uncle, Donald Lewis McMillen II, was dedicated to serving his local community. He founded The Rocky Mountain Fence Post magazine in 1980 to be able to share the good news of the community with its readers. The little girl with the lamb on the cover is me!  Publishing runs deep in my blood, and I'm honored to be following in my uncle's footsteps.

4. My uncle and I explored the grassy fields of Larimer County. To this day, I dearly love this beautiful area in which I was born and raised! Growing up on a farm has instilled a great work ethic in me, a love for the land and a responsibility to carry on a legacy of commitment, trust and service in my local community.

5. My father's family, the Montgomery/Johnson family, lived around Lake Loveland, and one of my great aunts was instrumental in founding Johnson's Corner.