Second Self Releases Two New Beers


Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Grady McGill

In celebration of its sixth anniversary, Second Self Beer Company has released two great new beers. The brewery, located in West Midtown Atlanta, was formed by two Georgia native friends, Chris Doyle and Jason Santamaria, who have a true passion for beer.

We’re excited about these offerings, and we thoroughly enjoyed them. They are:

Manic Pixie Dream Beer #2

The Manic Pix Dream Beer is 12% ABV and is produced and aged in wet high rye bourbon barrels. Your taste buds will notice flavors such as sweet and dark cherry. This is the brewery’s second Manic Pixie Dream Beer #1, which was released in 2017 and won lots of awards. This one will be its own star. With forward oak and spice nose and caramel and vanilla notes deriving from the malt and barrel used to brew it, there are also hints of sweet, dark cherry that lightens up the body of the beer. Second Self says that this beer has a “slightly boozy finish,” and we’re not going to argue!

Malternative Universe 

Another new beer is Malternate Universe, which has a 9% ABV, a rich amber color and a nice tan head. The beer has a sweet aroma of caramel, brown sugar and English toffee. Yummy! If your taste buds crave English toffee, then give the Malternate Universe beer a try. Sound good? I think so! It finishes up with tasting notes of fig, raisin and molasses. The overall flavors give the Malternate Universe beer a good a blend and taste. Keep in mind that the Malternate Universe may be strong.

Although these are the latest brews, Second Self has several great beers. One beer I did find interesting is the EL Velorio, which is a coffee porter beer made with Puerto Rican coffee and chocolate. The term “El Velorio" means “the wake.” What a great mix together in one! You can be assured that it may be strong. If you like chocolate and coffee and don’t mind a strong beer, then more power to you. 

Another interesting beer is Thai Wheat, which is wheat ale beer with lemongrass and ginger. One of the reasons why this is such a great-tasting beer is that the ginger, lemongrass and galangal are cut just before they are used, which really brings out the flavor. Thai Wheat is great to pair with grilled vegetables, fish, sushi, chicken and pork loin. Heads up! This is considered to be a spicy beer, so be sure to proceed with caution. Last but not least, I also found the LA Fria, which is a Caribbean lager beer that is inspired by Puerto Rico. It is a beer that is perfect to enjoy on the beach. 

Hard Seltzer Too!

Second Self also offers hard seltzers in four different flavors such as the Blue Razzberry, Ginger Turmeric, Granddaddy Purple and Cucumber Basil. 

Special Events

Second Self is ready to party and let you experience its great beers. Check the website for special deals and events. It’s a blast!

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