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Defenders of the Land

Investing in Timeless Legacies

When we think of the word “invest,” financial terms often come to mind, or even ways to invest in ourselves in the present. But have you explored investments that will leave a legacy for future generations?

Husband-wife duo Mike and Kim Clinard are the founders and low-density developers of the Ranches at Dripping Springs project, one of many of their “Ranches at” communities. They offer a more timeless investment through their 389-acre ranchette community of 23 tracts. Each tract offers 12 to 20 acres and shares breathtaking views, canyons, grottos, ponds, and streams throughout the development.

Invest in Nature
The logo of “Ranches at” features a lone oak tree, standing atop the highest peak at their first Texas Hill Country development, Ranches at Sentinel Peak. The majestic ”sentinel” tree stands guard over the Texas Hill Country. The sentinel tree represents the Clinards’ mission to be “defenders of the land” by developing low-density ranch communities that promote conservation.

“With these views, the financial reward could be staggering by making this community high-density. But we have intentionally chosen not to because that doesn't represent our values,” Mike shares. “We prefer low density in a ranch-like setting with a focus on preserving the land and wildlife. It's not about maximizing the dollar; it's about maximizing the beauty of the Hill Country.”

In addition to its beauty, an incredible benefit to each tract is the wildlife tax exemption status. “With our focus to protect the land comes protecting wildlife. Most of the acreage will be nearly property tax-free as we partner with wildlife management companies to protect Hill Country wildlife, with a primary focus on bird habitat,” Mike says.

Kim adds, “The birds that live and migrate through here are important. So is all flora and fauna. We are honoring the land, trees, nature, and God's creation. That is our passion.”

To further regenerate the land, the Clinards also support each landowner in rainwater collection  by providing them a $25,000 credit at closing to go toward infrastructure for this effort. “If everyone is collecting rainwater, then we are all doing our part to help replenish the aquifer,” Mike says.

Invest in Gathering
In a day and age when families are as busy as ever, how can we create spaces to unplug and spend time in nature and with our family? The Clinards believe their ranchettes will allow families to enjoy nature together on their properties for generations. 

Each tract features natural characteristics like terraces, dripping springs, 40-mile views, open spaces, and dense cedar. “Not everyone desires to have a large, costly ranch,” says Mike. “Our offering of smaller ranchette tracts allows people to experience a ranch-like environment at an affordable price. Every lot has views and many have creeks, grottos, and ponds.”

The relationship with nature is personal for the Clinards. Kim shares, “After experiencing a tragic loss several years ago, the outdoors became a haven for me, a place to connect with the Lord and find solace and healing.” Kim and Mike hope others can experience the same through Ranches at Dripping Springs.

Not only is it wise to invest in land with epic views on the fringe of urban growth, but it’s also important to invest in preserving the Hill Country from high-density development, protecting flora and fauna, and replenishing our aquifers. 

When they explore the breathtaking property with visitors, at each subsequent tract the Clinards tell them, “It gets better.” By investing in nature and gathering together, with each generation it truly can get better. | @ranchesat

We are honoring the land, trees, nature, and God's creation. That is our passion.