Deka Lash

The Only Place for Lash Extensions

Do you want beautiful windows to your beautiful soul – quickly, easily, and right here in town? Then you are welcome to Deka Lash, the lash extension studio that will make you look and feel your best!

Our town’s Deka Lash was founded by Eden Prairie locals Matthew and Carlyn Rudberg. “When we set out to become entrepreneurs, we weren’t certain which type of business we would start,” said Matthew. “All we knew was it had to be in Eden Prairie: the place where I grew up, and where Carlyn and I are proud to call home. We wanted to serve the same people we’re blessed to call our neighbors. We wanted our tax revenue to go directly toward our schools and all the other programs that directly benefit the people of Eden Prairie.”

Matthew and Carlyn inspected several business opportunities with open minds. They hadn’t initially considered opening a lash extension studio – but the more they learned about Deka Lash, the more they fell in love with everything it offered to them and their customers. As an MBA graduate, Matthew was tuned in to the great growth opportunity Deka Lash represents. As physician assistants, Matthew and Carlyn both appreciated just how much care Deka Lash takes when it comes to guests’ health and safety. But more than anything else, they loved how much good Deka Lash could do for their community.

“We’re in the business of changing lives,” said Matthew. “Accentuating women’s natural beauty and boosting their self-confidence are both worthy callings in my book. Deka Lash also supports cosmetologists and estheticians by paying them fair wages for their expert work, and offers them many opportunities for career advancement. 

“Jennifer Blair, the founder of Deka Lash, isn’t just focused on bringing world-class lash extension services to suburbs like our very own. She also believes in the kind customer service that can only come from a family-owned business. Jennifer’s daughters both work for Deka Lash. It’s fun to think our kids could work with us someday as well.”

“Deka Lash gives us a huge competitive advantage,” said Carlyn. “At 60 minutes for a full set or 30 minutes for a fill, our proprietary TrueXpress style halves the amount of time it takes to receive attractive, long-lasting lashes. As a mother of three, I take relief knowing I can always wedge a little well-deserved me time into an otherwise action-packed day. Even more importantly, lashes make getting myself ready during hectic mornings a breeze! 

“Our process is only as fast as it is rewarding thanks to our manager Kayla Johnson and the rest of our team members. Each is fully certified, licensed by the state of Minnesota, and, perhaps most importantly, a people person. We had our grand opening just three months ago, and we’re already earning repeat business because of the strong bonds we’re forming with our guests.”


Step into Deka Lash and breathe a sigh of relief. You have arrived where the world won’t follow you: a peaceful, open-concept studio tucked away just southwest of Eden Prairie Center. Recline on a comfy bed and relax as your Lash Artist begins working her magic. 

Which magic will she work? That all depends on your personal style.

  • TrueXpress Lashes create a light-volume look in a natural length; completed twice as fast as any other full set lash appointment
  • Classic Lashes create length and curl with a sleek, clean lash line; one extension per natural lash for an alluring “mascara without the mascara” look
  • Hybrid Lashes create the ideal balance between the long, dark look and the wispy, light look; perfect if you want dense volume and the mystique of classic mascara
  • TrueVolume Lashes create a fuller, more voluminous look with multiple ultra-fine extensions per single natural lash; bold and dramatic, yet still natural and soft
  • MegaVolume Lashes create darkness and density, yet still weigh as light as a feather; more than double the lash volume, length and curl as TrueVolume

Even if you only pop by Deka Lash for a lash lift and tint, a brow lamination, strip sugaring or total brow service, you’ll enjoy spending 30 to 90 minutes with your convivial Lash Artist (or pure, golden silence if you’d prefer it). 

Once your little retreat has come to a close, you’ll return to the world feeling like a brand new person. You’ll walk taller when you have voluminous, lightweight and water-resistant lashes. You’ll make excellent first impressions, and love the eyes that gaze back at you in the mirror – a gorgeous, unique look with no need for mascara!

Whether your favorite style is bold and dramatic or a touch more reserved, Deka Lash makes maintaining it easy and affordable. When you sign up for the Essentials membership, you get two fills per month, 50 percent off your first brow lamination, and 10 percent off all retail products. It’s a great way to get the best value from TrueXpress Lashes. If you wind up falling in love with one of Deka Lash’s more intricate styles, then their Luxe or VIP membership tiers can both bring you around $1,000 in savings each year.

Bid adieu to the morning eye makeup routine. Say hello to effortless beauty! Learn more about Deka Lash and book online at dekalash.com/eden-prairie, schedule your first appointment by calling (612) 428-1511, or stop by 574 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 110 to see where the magic happens!

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