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Delante Armani

Capturing the Candid Moments

Delante Armani is a professional celebrity event photographer based in Atlanta and born in Oakland, California. Delante is dedicated to bringing exciting and effective visual content to your brand. His specialty is capturing amazing still photography as well as cinematography while highlighting life’s special moments.

Delante comes from a large family of five and feels blessed to rise from humble beginnings where his mother would always encourage him to follow his passion and become a successful entrepreneur. He naturally fell in love with photography after working with Kodak Productions right out of high school. It was at that moment that he knew which industry he would build his foundation upon and sharpen his God-given talent to capture life’s most valuable moments. Delante has a burning desire to set the bar high for his four younger siblings and build a legacy that will inspire youth to create the life of their dreams.

Delante's work was featured in the June issue of South Fulton Lifestyle.