Delicious & Nutricious

Easy & healthy go hand in hand in these quick and clean lunches.

Easy, portable lunches are just the thing for a family outing or daily lunch at school and work. There’s a misconception, however, that easy and delicious equals unhealthy. 

As a certified health coach, Bailey Morris encourages a healthier approach to life. She says, “I’ve always been very health conscious. I love helping people become healthier and enjoy happier lives by helping them become more health conscious in their decisions.”

When it comes to lunch, Bailey reminds us, “what you put in your body is very important. Those nutrients are what’s going to fuel you throughout the day and keep you strong and healthy.”

Consider a simple sandwich or wrap. With easy, intentional changes, they become nutritious as well as being delicious! “Build your sandwich or wrap using a whole grain base. You can stack it with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato,” says Bailey. “Instead of mayonnaise, use dijon mustard, avocado, or hummus.”

She says, “avoid processed cheese and look at the ingredients if you’re using packaged meat because sometimes there are fillers and other hidden ingredients. Remember - the fewer ingredients, the better.”

“You can use chicken breast that you’ve cooked ahead of time,” adds Bailey. “Go ahead and shred it or dice it then freeze it – that way you can have little packets of prepared meat ready to make a wrap.” Add bell pepper strips or cucumber slices for a fresh, crisp bite.

For sides, fill up on fruits and vegetables. Grapes, orange or apple slices, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes are all finger foods and easy for kids to eat. Bailey suggests, “consider adding a packet of humus or guacamole to dip veggies.”

To schedule a health coaching session and receive healthy living encouragement, contact Bailey through Instagram @BWellHealthCoaching or via email BWellBailey@gmail.com.

Lunch Prep Tips

1.       Plan ahead. “Prep foods ahead of time, like the night before; that way, you don’t find yourself at 7:00 the next morning, running late for work trying to decide what to eat.”

2.       Make lunch visually appealing. “Bring in color because it’s more appealing. One of my main goals when I’m grocery shopping is to make all the fruits and vegetables in my cart reflect all the colors of the rainbow.”

3.       Get the kids involved. “If they make it themselves or help in some way, it’s more fun. And it’s something they’ve made, so they are more likely to eat it.”

4.       Keep it balanced. “Remember when meal planning to make sure you have a wide variety of all kinds of natural foods. Include protein, whole grains, and a good serving of both fruits and vegetables.”

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