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Dry January Mocktails

Take on dry January this month with these refreshing and healthy mocktail recipes

Article by Emily McKeever

Photography by Erin Jensen, The Wooden Skillet

Originally published in Waconia City Lifestyle

Detox, cleanse, abstain, purge. It doesn’t sound fun but Dry January, a break from drinking that accompanies holiday parties and gatherings, doesn’t have to be boring. The celebration can continue with near-beer’s upgrade, the mocktail. Non-alcoholic beverages aren’t solely for after the majority of your holiday cheer was spread ‘round the eggnog bowl and Erin Jensen, founder and creator of The Wooden Skillet, is who to turn to for delicious, refreshing options and so much more. Mix them when you host the first barbeque of the summer or when family visits from out of town. The alcohol might be missing but the flavors and fun won’t.

Cranberry Cinnamon Apple Kombucha Mocktail

Sit back and relax after a crazy holiday season with this sweet and spicy drink. It’s filled with energy-boosting, probiotic-filled ingredients and isn’t too shabby to look at either! You’ll feel great about yourself as you fill your grocery cart with these healthy essentials and even better after you indulge in this robust refreshment. Serve it with a restaurant-style breakfast at home or that light lunch you’ve been meaning to schedule with your friends. And if a Whole30 option is what you’re hoping for, look no further! No more kombucha out of the bottle for you! Dress it up in this polished medley. 


¾ cup cranberry kombucha

Splash of club soda

1 tablespoon apple juice

1 apple slice

1 cinnamon stick

1 sprig of rosemary


Add ice to the glass.

Pour kombucha, club soda and apple juice over ice.

Add apple slice, cinnamon stick and rosemary sprig.

Garnish with fresh cranberries.

Frozen Grape Mimosa Mocktail

If you haven’t popped a bag of grapes in the freezer and reached for them later as a good-for-you, simple snack you’re missing out. They’re almost candy-like! Now imagine adding some fun and flavorful bubbles and it’s a match made in heaven. Yet another beautiful creation by The Wooden Skillet, this one will make you feel extra fancy as you pour it into a champagne flute and toast your friends. An alcohol-free brunch or a mocktail happy hour, this one is perfect for any occasion. Sophisticated, healthy and just plain fun, you and your company will definitely want another round. 


1/2 cup frozen grapes

3/4 cup club soda

1/2 cup Zevia grape soda


Take a champagne flute and add frozen grapes.

Pour in club soda and grape soda.

Feel free to garnish with a sprig of thyme or rosemary to make it even more fancy!

Sip and enjoy.

Blackberry Ginger Smash Spritzer

Never have you had a drink with so much rich, deep and interesting color. With its unique flavors this one is like drinking a healthy snack. Forget about hummus and veggies or popcorn, this is the way to get your daily servings of fruit! A light, crisp and so easy to make refreshment is what we’re all ready for after a month or two of traveling, shopping lists, and tired kids. Fill your body with the antioxidants included in this gorgeous sip and your company’s hands with a drink almost too pretty to consume. Serving this drink will earn you, “oh, how pretty!” or “this is delicious!” comments from your houseful and rightfully so. A plain old bartender title doesn’t seem to fit here, let’s go with mixologist.    


9 fresh blackberries

1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger, very finely grated

1 can blackberry sparkling water

Ice cubes

Mint leaves


Place 6 blackberries and ginger in the bottom of a glass.

Smash with fork.

Fill the glass with ice cubes.

Pour blackberry sparkling water to fill the glass.

Garnish with mint leaves.