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Delivering Happiness

Meet the Moss family, who have been delivering smiles for three generations.

Did you know that flowers are scientifically proven to lift spirits, bring happiness, and reduce stress? It’s true! Moss’ Flower Shop has witnessed this firsthand after serving the community for over 70 years. This family-owned business has been a staple of Mount Juliet since 1952, well before the city was incorporated. 

The original building was a feed & seed store built by Charles Moss and his two brothers after returning from World War 2. Over the years, the business passed through three generations. First, it went to Hale & Brenda Moss, who added the flower shop, and now to Charles’ grandson, Joe, who grew up sweeping floors and helping out after school. When his parents were ready to retire, Joe didn’t have the heart to let the family business go. It holds sentimental value for himself and his wife, Lauren, so they agreed to take it on but decided to focus solely on the flower shop. Moss’ moved to its new location in 2016.


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Moss has nine team members on staff who use flowers from all over the world. They receive weekly and sometimes daily deliveries from Holland and South America but source local vendors for varieties that grow well in this area. The quality of the flowers, their permanent botanicals, and top-notch customer service make them a town favorite.  

Lauren Moss says the community has continued to show its support even with the new location. Despite the popularity of services like FTD and Teleflora, Moss’ receives 85% of their orders via phone or website from local customers. Patrons also enjoy the retail gift shop, which includes Tennessee’s own Russell Stover chocolates, Trapp Fragrances, and jewelry from The Blue Herron Studio, a local artisan. 

When asked about customer loyalty, they credit the small business association and chamber of commerce for cultivating a desire to shop local and support small hometown businesses. In turn, Moss’ enjoys giving back to the community, which creates a beautiful cycle. For example, they support several local schools that then count on Moss’ during prom season. Each October, they also participate in Petal It Forward by gifting 20 arrangements to other local businesses to spread happiness and let them know they are appreciated. 

Moss’ Flower Shop has built strong relationships with Mount Juliet families who recognize and appreciate the value flowers can bring to their loved ones. One customer orders an arrangement each week for his wife, who is battling cancer. Another set up a plan before they passed to have a bouquet delivered each year on their spouse’s birthday and their anniversary. It’s heartwarming stories that show the true value of flower delivery for others. 

While the biggest holidays are Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the “just because” surprises can mean the most. Moss has two delivery vans to serve the majority of Middle Tennessee six days a week. On a busy day, you may even see Joe & Lauren making deliveries in their personal vehicles because seeing someone smile never gets old. 

Quote 1: Flowers are scientifically proven to lift spirits, bring happiness, and reduce stress. 

Quote 2: “Local orders allow us to showcase what we do best. It’s wonderful!” – Lauren Moss.