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Delivering Love with Blackjack Pizza

How Ed and Becky Pelle help others succeed

For 20 years, Ed and Becky Pelle, owners of Blackjack Pizza in Loveland, have been delivering love throughout the community. They not only deliver fresh pizza and salads, but they strive to help educate the employees who walk through their doors. They are passionate about developing people. As parents of two boys who attended Loveland schools, and are thriving in their own careers, they know what it takes to raise hard-working, financially aware individuals. With 35-40 employees, many of which are young men and women, Ed and Becky see great potential and go the extra mile to assist with goal setting. This is all done while also serving up the most fresh, tasty pizzas and salads in town. 

Visit Blackjack Pizza and Salads at 1435 N. Cleveland Ave, Loveland, or call to order at (970) 669-1717.

Did You Know?

These heart-shaped pizzas are only made once a year in mid-February around Valentine's Day. Last month, they delivered 64 of these special pizzas to the Valentine's Stampers at the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. If you want to special-order your own custom, heart-shaped pizzas for a birthday party or other special event, be sure to place your order two to three days in advance outside of the Valentine's Day season.

Fresh Ingredients

All ingredients are fresh and nothing is ever frozen. Ed and Becky pride themselves in offering only the freshest ingredients to their community in both their pizzas and salads.

Fun Fact

It was truly "love at first sight" when Ed first met Becky.