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Dental Service With a Smile

Custom Dental of McKinney

According to studies, over 60 percent of people have dental phobia or anxiety. However, by picking a dentist that makes communication and building relationships their number one priority most of the anxiety can be controlled. Custom Dental of McKinney is a dedicated and experienced team of dental professionals committed to helping patients feel welcome while achieving all their oral health goals.

“The thing we focus on most is patient comfort,” says Dr. Bryce Gates, Owner and Dentist at Custom Dental of McKinney. “We focus on that high level of customer service. From us greeting you with a smile to knowing your name, just like you would expect if you were staying at a high-end hotel.”
Custom Dental of McKinney can treat the whole family, from babies to senior citizens. It is unique compared to other dental offices in its ability to take care of any dental need under one roof, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, laser gum therapy, orthodontics and Invisalign aligners, pediatric dentistry, and sedation. This ability reduces the risk that there is any miscommunication between different doctors, allowing there to be a detailed plan from start to
finish. This makes the plan less likely to be interrupted, allowing patients to have a more consistent outcome. Having all dental needs under one roof also allows savings to be passed on to the patient, keeping costs down because there is an elimination of redundant systems that typically adds costs.
Custom Dental of McKinney features an experienced and talented dental team. Dr. Gates and Dr. Kasali have extensive post-doctoral education and provide care in periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery and orthodontics, in addition to, cosmetic and general dentistry. The office is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and uses specialized techniques to minimize patient discomfort
whenever possible.

The faith-based office environment sets the tone and culture of each day. Every morning starts with a huddle going over the plan for each patient and finishes with a prayer for everyone to have full hearts and open minds. Dr. Gates believes patients will feel compassion and know the mission is to take care of them every time they sit in the procedure chair or listen to the music being played in the waiting room.

Both residents of McKinney, Dr. Gates and Dr. Kasali enjoy giving back to the community. Whether it be sponsorships, offering free or reduced dental services, or charitable events, the Custom Dental of McKinney staff works together to help be an anchor to those in need within the community.
In the past decade, there has been a large shift from private, doctor-owned dental practices to corporate-run dental practices. This puts a strain on the doctor and patient relationship, something that is vital to having the best care. Recently Dr. Gates has been spending much of his time educating and helping dental practitioners to be able to focus on their patients by providing systems behind the business side of the practice. This allows them to have ownership and more autonomy with their patients.

“We have found when a doctor owns their practice, they definitely will take care of things in a completely different manner than if they're just an employee to a corporation where there are no equitable ties to their relationships,” says Dr. Gates. Recently Custom Dental has expanded the location base to offices in Bonham and The Colony, with plans for other locations to open by the end of the year. Dr. Gates is partnering with these dentists to train them on business practices, which allows them to have ownership and build relationships with their own patients.

Custom Dental of McKinney is located at 6351 South Custer Road. For more information or to make an appointment call (469) 907-1041or visit