Desi Date Night!

Desiree Boyd, the 30 year old mother of two awesome children (Joseph and Victoria) developed a passion for cooking at the early age of 10. “I remember watching The Food Network. 'Iron Chef' was one of my favorites!” she tells SFL.  She has always loved to cook and be creative and as she matured her Dad and Stepmom would share recipes with her. “In my family, this is a big thing! I gained their ‘cooking respect,” she says. 

Boyd would implement these and new recipes at the family Sunday dinner. Anyone that knows Desi knows that on Sunday, you can count on getting a good home cooked meal at her house.  “Sundays should recharge you for the week spiritually,mentally, and physically.”  This is where many of her dishes debuted. Years passed before she noticed that everyone would always say to her that food was her true calling. 

Boyd started her professional cooking journey almost a year ago when she took a leap of faith and left the corporate arena. "Desi Date Nights" was born! She created a date night experience with a twist and superior customer service in the comfort of your own home or venue of your choice! Clients experience a three course meal and romantic evening with their loved one.  Boyd’s resume has grown extensively this past year in different events she has catered (Corporate events, Crab Boils, Date Nights, Baby Showers, Brunches, Graduation, Dinner Parties, Anniversaries, etc.). The list of different politicians, doctors, attorneys, professional coaches goes on and on . “It’s been a blessing!”  One of her biggest blessings is her mother. She says,  “I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of this without her and God! I truly want to thank everyone who has helped Desi Date Night become global!” Contact Desi at

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