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As we look back over the last few years, many of us have been spending more time at home due to circumstances beyond our control outside our walls. But inside, we were given time to reflect and maybe even transform the ways we create our personal space. So, since there is a shift in home design this coming year, we reached out to local home and style experts to weigh in on what trends are, and will be, big in 2023.

“We are going to see more pops of color everywhere inside the home,” said Nenah Washington, the owner of Las Vegas-based Neet Design Group. “This especially after Pantone named ‘Viva Magenta’ as the 2023 color of the year.”

Pantone, the Global Color Authority, revealed its color of choice back in December, and Washington said we will definitely be seeing more of this color, described as a “nuanced crimson tone” and a “vibrant relative” of the red family. But for this interior designer, who launched her business in Las Vegas during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean other color schemes are out. “In fact,” she said, “earth tones are definitely ‘in’ in 2023.”

“You will also see more soft earth tones. Vanillas, browns, and nice deep rich earthy colors,” said Washington. “But I can also see people doing things like adding magenta-colored drinking glasses, pillows, and throws while mixing in the earth tones. You will see more of that when you go to stores like Target. Target and Home Goods are more centered on design, and their prices are very middle of the road. You can afford to go in there and get new decor items and redecorate your home without breaking the bank.”

Washington, who started her career in event planning and has a degree in fashion, went back to school for interior design at 50 years old. Now 56, she said she is more passionate than ever about working and designing in a place like Southern Nevada.

“Vegas has been very good to me since I moved here from California,” said Washington. “This city has big homes. It’s not rare to see average people own 3000 to 4000-square-foot homes. And the bigger the homes, the bigger the kitchens and bathrooms — two spaces I especially love working on.”

Washington said that right now, newly designed kitchens are using waterfall-edged countertops. These countertops offer a great contemporary feel. They create a 90-degree angle at the end of the countertop and use miter edges on both sides of the stone. But now, we will start seeing more curves incorporated into kitchens, according to Washington. 

“You will see more curves in the living room as well. We are seeing a softening of lines that are curved, even pillows that are curvy and ball-shaped in style.”

When it comes to the ability to spot new design trends from around the world, David Daskal, the owner of ESG Gallery in Las Vegas, has a distinct advantage.

“As an independent family-owned business, I do get the opportunity to travel the world where I can see and import the newest products faster than some of these chains and big box stores, " said Daskal. “Our flexibility gives us an advantage which I hope to maintain for a long time.”

ESG Gallery specializes in importing and distributing boutique tiles, mosaics, natural stones, ledge stones, and slabs. Daskal works with a lot of interior designers in town whom he said are among the most creative in the country. He said they are always looking to do something a little different and more exciting than their last project.

“These designers love to keep injecting what's new and fresh. For example, one of the latest technologies they are working on when it comes to porcelain is 4D,” said Daskal. “If it were marble-looking porcelain five years ago, it would look like 3D digital printing. Now with 4D technology, not only do you get the printing, but if you run your hands across it, it feels like the real material.”

Daskal said in many of the homes he’s seeing now, they have trended out of the beiges and back to neutrals. Tuscany style is also not as popular as it used to be, and mid-century modern has an appeal among certain individuals. But for the most part, he sees a trend of larger pieces in many of the homes that are paired with cleaner lines.

When it comes to window coverings, these items may seem more of a necessity than a design trend. But over the years, shutters and blinds have evolved; for one industry expert, he's seen one trend distinctly emerging.

"More and more, the trend is toward people buying quality over cheap because they want to do it once and do it right,” said John Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer for Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas.

Barnes says that here in the valley, the extremely hot weather can lead to quicker deterioration of certain window treatments.

“Blinds are not something that will last for life, especially as they get beaten up by the heat of summer,” said Barnes. “That’s why shutters have become even more popular now than ever before. Our Sunburst's Polywood shutters have a lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship, installation, and paint finish.”

Barnes adds that with better technology now available for his products, customers are also looking for more features like motorized shades.

“Motorization takes standard shades and makes them better to fit in everybody’s easy lifestyle by being able to program and voice command," said Barnes. "People are buying window treatments for more than just aesthetics now. They can do everything from noise blocking to boosting energy efficiency. 

With Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas now in its 45th year of business, Barnes says what hasn't changed with the ever-evolving design trends is his company's commitment to providing quality products and excellent service.

"In the end, people want something for their windows that will last a long time. Quality pieces. That, I guess, is a trend in and of itself."

Experts say you should expect to see more bold and vibrant colors when it comes to design trends in 2023. Also, homeowners are leaning towards modernist curves and natural organic decor like Zen wood walls which are brought in to give an earthy feel to bathrooms and kitchens.

“We are going to see more pops of color everywhere inside the home,” said Nenah Washington, the owner of Las Vegas-based Neet Design Group. “This especially after Pantone named ‘Viva Magenta’ as the 2023 color of the year.”

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