Designer’s Edge Salon and Spa

Beauty’s Best with a Homey Feel

Designer’s Edge is a corner oasis locals rely on for everything from quality haircuts to signature, hand-blended balayage. This sophisticated salon is Southwick’s source for color maintenance, root shading, skin treatments, brow shaping, Brazilian blowouts, disaster corrections, first haircuts, special-day makeovers, and spa “aaahs.” 

Designer’s Edge offers top-shelf amenities - yet it’s the comfortable, family atmosphere customers love most of all. 

“We like positive energy. We don’t want any negativity here,” said Ashley Augustus, Designer’s Edge lead artist and owner. “Everybody says when they come in here they can talk with anyone, not just their stylist. We try to create that homey feel.”

One reason Designer’s Edge feels like family is because it’s a family business. Augustus’s mom, Denise Jenkins, started this Southwick icon forty years ago when puffy perms and blue eyeshadow were all the rage. Styles have changed, but Jenkins’s warmhearted ways and attention to excellence remain this business’s brand. 

“We have a tradition of mentorship,” explained Augustus, a talented artist in her own right and just as cozy to chat with as her mom. Through their Associate Program, Designer’s Edge hand-selects new stylists they feel will flourish, then pairs them with a senior stylist who guides their growth as they master beauty’s complex science, perfect their technique, and hone their hearing to understand each client’s unique challenges and ideals.  

“The goal is to grow, and continue to grow,” Augustus said, referring to the constant education she offers her staff of nearly 20. Beyond the Associate Program, Designer’s Edge is a Redkin Elite Salon and regularly hosts outside artists for professional trainings. 

Augustus added, “We’re a very sharing staff, too.” Stylists swap tips, friendly conversations flow between booths, and there’s zero drama if a client is desperate for a haircut and needs to see someone new. The result is a salon where customers leave looking great - and feeling like they just spent the hour catching up with friends. 

“We try to bring out our clients’ inner beauty, too. You know what I mean?” Augustus asked. 

Occasionally, she said, she’ll have a client who fixates on a perceived defect with their natural looks. “I have to tap them on the shoulder and say, ‘Stop it. You’re beautiful.’” The tone she uses, like a sister’s, is honest and kind. After all, Augustus is a stylish woman not afraid to let her customers know that beauty goes far beyond what they can buy in a bottle.

“It’s ‘look good, feel good’ for sure, but you can only change your hair so much. Maybe try a new lipstick or buy a new outfit,” she said. “And don’t forget about all the other aspects of life that make you feel good, too.” 

Sage advice and the best in beauty aside, “Our niche is, ‘You’re going to come in here and you’re going to get a good haircut.’ That’s what we’re known for,” Augustus said. “We always want to be the best of Southwick hair. We’ve been blessed to be super busy.” www.designersedgesalonspa.com

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“It’s ‘look good, feel good’ for sure, but don’t forget about all the other aspects of life that make you feel good, too.”

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