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Designing a Dream Home

Helen Wright, of Interiors Plus, brings design visions to life in an elegant and versatile family home.

Article by Alexandra Frost

Photography by Len Kaltman—West Chester Corporate Photography

Originally published in Mason & Deerfield Lifestyle

When Charlene and John Busby began building their dream home in the Carriage Hill neighborhood, they knew just who to call to bring their design visions to life. Longtime friend and interior designer Helen Wright at Interiors Plus in Mason had worked on previous homes for them, and Charlene knew she’d capture her style to a tee. Charlene had some specific asks, from integrating art by her son-in-law, to maintaining a neutral and elegant palette throughout the home. She also wanted to ensure her grandkids would be comfortable in the space when they visited. Helen went to work designing their dream home, and didn’t disappoint.

Charlene describes the decor in her previous home as Tuscan and traditional, but in her new home, she wanted a neutral look, which she felt would better suit the larger home with an open floor plan. Her main room features creams, beiges and other light colors that make for a more spacious and clean look. 

“The neutrals throughout the house made it soft, and we can add whatever colors we want since she likes to add for the seasons,” Helen explains, as she also decorates their home for the holidays. 

Helen worked to feature Charlene’s son-in-law's art in high visibility areas so that the family could enjoy those pieces, which add color and vibrancy to the neutral palette. The artwork was inspired by photos from their European travels, which he turned into abstract artwork. Helen also used indoor plants to liven up the space with elegant touches of green. 

One of Charlene’s most loved elements is the hood above the kitchen stove, flanked by open shelving, where she displays some of her favorite items. Large cream lanterns draw the eye to the kitchen island where she enjoys entertaining family and friends.

Helen didn’t forget about the six grandkids, designing a space in the basement especially for them. 

“They have a special room for them to hook up their games, and we play games during Christmas or whenever they come. We call it the Game Room. It has a poker table and it’s decorated with dominoes and all types of game stuff,” Charlene says. 

The room could also be used as a fifth bedroom if needed. Helen’s goals in the game room design were to provide ample storage and choose furniture that’s comfortable for the grandkids to enjoy.

The porch is another space Charlene utilizes for entertaining, which Helen designed with neutral wicker furniture and a gray and white rug. The television and fireplace make it an enjoyable area during many seasons, with abundant seating for large family visits.

The master bedroom continues the theme of elegance and luxury, as well as the neutral palette, with a stunning chandelier, artwork above the headboard and a large rug spanning the area. There is also a well-lit sitting area near the windows with floor-to-ceiling curtains that help the couple truly utilize the whole bedroom. 

Gold and bronze accents level up the decor throughout the home. Helen was careful not to over-decorate. “It is a big house with larger spaces, so you have to be careful not to clutter it up,” she says. 

Charlene hopes that others will consider working with an interior designer like Helen. “Just talk to her from your heart—tell her what you want, and she will find a way,” Charlene advises.

The television and fireplace make it an enjoyable area during many seasons, with abundant seating for large family visits.

  • Interior Designer and owner of Interiors Plus, Helen Wright.

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