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Short Pump City Lifestyle Introduces a Selection of Innovative Designers from RVA Design Group

Tiara Holloway's struggle to find direction when she first started in the interior design business inspired her to create RVA Design Group. Together with Jessica Myrick, Danielle Shackelford, and Cherelle Armistead, they built a community that supports and provides resources to fellow designers. Today, the group has grown to twenty-six members, including interior designers, organizers, stagers, contractors, and realtors. Short Pump City Lifestyle has selected some outstanding members of RVA Design Group to highlight in this month's Home issue.


Anique Aguilar, Owner and CEO of Pel Mur Interiors

Anique is an interior designer with five years of experience creating visually appealing and functional spaces. Her passion for design stems from the amalgamation of artistry and practicality. Throughout her career, Anique has worked on diverse projects, showcasing her residential and commercial design expertise. Her keen eye for detail allows her to blend color schemes, textures, and furnishings to create a well-designed space that has the power to influence emotions and enhance experiences. Her commitment to innovation and client satisfaction has allowed her to transform spaces, leaving a lasting impression in the world of interior design. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, and part of the RVA Design Group team, you can find Anique on Instagram under the username @pel_mur_interiors.

Pel Mur Interiors

(917) 727-9024

Cilvia Jones, Owner of JaMollie Designs

JaMollie Designs is an art and interior design studio located in Chesterfield, Virginia, that provides lively, diverse, and practical design solutions. The owner of the studio, Cilvia Jones, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication from Virginia State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interior Environments from Virginia Commonwealth University. Cilvia is enthusiastic about art, interior design, and sustainability. She focuses on creating unique and captivating spaces for residential, small commercial, and children's design projects by selecting colors, textures, and patterns and finding exclusive items from thrift stores. Sustainability is essential to Cilvia’s design process; she seeks ways to reduce ecological impact by incorporating environmentally friendly materials and practices into her designs. Check out Cilvia on Instagram

JaMollie Designs

(804) 892-0001


Get Organized RVA, Co-Owners Jamie Gibberman and Kristin Gorin

Get Organized RVA is a professional home organizing company founded by Jamie Gibberman and Kristin Gorin, two women who share a passion for organization. With backgrounds in wellness, they understand how cluttered spaces can negatively impact people's physical and mental well-being. Jamie was a Registered Dietitian for 15 years before transitioning into professional organizing. Kristin has a background in psychology and has worked as a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. Get Organized RVA helps bring peace and contentment to whatever stage of life the client (and their home) may be in. They simplify surroundings, promote work-life balance, create daily routines, repurpose unused rooms, and reduce stress for those downsizing or unpacking. Anyone burdened by the disorder in their living space will benefit from Jamie and Kristin's dedication to making everyday life more balanced, streamlined, and simplified. Get Organized RVA creates aesthetically appealing, calm, and systematized spaces, allowing clients to devote their time and energy to what matters most. Find Jamie and Kristin on Instagram @getorganizedRVA.

Get Organized RVA

Jamie: (804) 404-6282 / Kristin: (804) 905-8475

Facebook: Get Organized RVA.

Tamara Singleton, Owner of Privanza Home

Tamara Singleton is a talented luxury interior designer who combines creativity and opulence to transform living spaces. Her passion for aesthetics and her unwavering commitment to excellence makes her a visionary in her field. With an innate sense of style and an excellent eye for detail, Tamara also specializes in crafting custom and limited-edition home décor. Tamara received her formal education in interior design from the University of Richmond and the Aspiring Designers Academy, which laid a strong foundation for her, yet her exceptional intuition and flair for the extraordinary set her apart from others in the field. She treats each project as a blank canvas, combining sophistication, innovation, and elements of comfort to create extraordinary environments. Tamara works closely with her clients to understand their unique tastes and aspirations. This personalized approach ensures that every design reflects the essence of the homeowners, creating spaces that exhibit a sense of identity and refinement.

Privanza Home

To learn more about RVA Design Group, please visit their official website at

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