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Designing Delicious Decadence

A peek inside the craft of a chocolatier

There is something beautiful about a box of chocolates – the sculpture-like shapes, the delicate details, the galaxy of colors. 

And once you understand the mastery required to create this cherubic confection, you can fully appreciate each flavor as it melts on your tongue. 

At Champagne Chocolates, owner Anna Rizzo says they focus on pulling out the natural undertones of chocolate. Some are fruity; some have notes of nuts. In her luxurious truffles, the most sought-after sweet, a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate is combined with unique and meticulously conceived fillings: Fresh raspberries and strawberries; steeped lavender; rose hip; toasty espresso; slow-cooked sea salt caramel; rich mocha; buttery toffee. 

The truffles are tempered, cooled and then either piped into a polycarbonate mold or enrobed, when the center is made first and then coated with a layer of chocolate. Anna and her staff then decide how to garnish each hypnotically gorgeous truffle: Hand-painted, hand-striped or dusted with gold luster, as the champagne chocolates are. 

“We try to give you a hint as to what you’re eating, and use bold, brilliant colors,” she says, adding that the art of decorating each truffle is truly a learned craft. “There is a finesse and skill needed to drizzle a stripe or pipe a pattern.”

No two chocolates are alike. Some have intricate patterns, while others look like little sculptures. They are flawless and satiny, a slow dance for the senses. 

A rich, confectionery scent wafts through the air in the small-town chocolate shop that has been a staple for the last 25 years. It’s a perfume that can make visitors swoon before they’ve even made it to the candy counter.

“It’s fun working with chocolate,” Anna says. “We’re making edible art that is not only visibly enjoyable, but also delicious. I love serving up this experience to customers.” 

Champagne Chocolates is also known for its hand-crafted dark and milk chocolate toffees, as well as gourmet chocolate bark that encases fresh pecans, dried Traverse City cherries, raisins or sea salt. You can visit the shop at 65 Macomb Place, Suite E, in downtown Mount Clemens or visit


"We’re making edible art that is not only visibly enjoyable, but also delicious."