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Haus of Rowe co-owners Marcelle Timonen and Kate Adamcsek

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Designing Exceptional Spaces

We step into the luxury design world with interior design firm Haus of Rowe

High-end design and Haus of Rowe go hand in hand. Haus of Rowe co-owners Marcelle Timonen and Kate Adamcsek started the interior design firm three years ago and, in that time, have grown tremendously. You might have seen one of their design projects on the 2023 Midwest Home Luxury Tour, where they took home the award for Best in Overall Excellence. “It was such an honor to work on this project," shares Marcelle. "It is a Modern Tudor inspired home. Our clients placed their wholehearted trust in us, so the end result truly reflects the essence of Haus of Rowe. We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with so many wonderful people.”  

Since teaming up and starting Haus of Rowe amid the pandemic, Kate reflects, “It has been quite the learning experience. It’s just the two of us — we wear all the hats. It’s been a lot of fun, and we have grown so much. Marcelle and I have different strengths and, when combined, work well together to give our clients exactly what they want.”

Whether a new build or remodel, Haus of Rowe offers everything. “When meeting a new client, we begin by delving into their lifestyle, their personal style, and their wants and needs,” explains Marcelle. “From there, we pull the design together, including any floor planning, finishes, materials, furnishings, and fabric and window treatments. As the final step, we also curate art and accessories.”

“We’re often brought in at the beginning of the project during the planning stage when the architect is still planning and drawing so we can offer input and direction there for our clients,” says Kate.

Marcelle adds, “Kate has a great eye for space planning and architecture. She is extremely gifted, and people feel fully confident about bringing us into projects at the planning stage.”

“I do enjoy floor planning the most,” says Kate. “It changes the whole function of a space and has a huge impact on how a client can use that space to enhance their daily life. Marcelle has a really great eye for color, and when she suggests something, clients have complete trust that’s the direction they should go.”

The two make a great team, and their clients know they’ll love the finished project after Marcelle and Kate work their magic. “We are fully transparent with our clients about the process and cost, so there are no surprises at the end. Our clients get to know us and know that we’re truly here to create a beautiful space for them to call home,” says Kate.

“My favorite part of the project is when everything comes together. Many projects can take a year or two to complete. Watching our vision come to life and experiencing our clients' reactions brings us immense joy,” says Marcelle.

Marcelle and Kate are looking for a new space for Haus of Rowe in Excelsior. “Our goal is to expand our boutique firm, bringing on junior designers to mentor,” says Marcelle. “Once we find the perfect spot in Excelsior for Haus of Rowe to call home, our dream is for continued growth while still giving our clients a very personal design experience.”

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  • Haus of Rowe co-owners Marcelle Timonen and Kate Adamcsek