Designing Joy

By now we've all heard at least a little bit about the KonMari method, a life philosophy that merges being tidy with finding joy, and how feeling comfortable and relaxed in your home is directly related to your overall happiness and well-being. This holds true for interior design as well, when you are surrounded with design you love, comfort and happiness expands ten-fold.

It is said that our surroundings can directly affect our mood, with color being the most powerful tool when it comes to design, It can change your mood, making you feel happy, sad, energetic or relaxed. Here are a few tips to bring joy to your space. 

1. Artwork is a beautiful and meaning full way to inject color into your home. Especially buying pieces that not only coordinate with your interior scheme but also stand out and sing on your walls bringing color and light into your home. 

2. Lighting, finding the fixtures you love is a sure-fire way to bring happiness into your living spaces including optimistic shapes and texture. Curtains that are still beautiful when opened for enhanced natural light. Feature aesthetic lamps to create a warm glow at night time which are a beautiful way to create light and highlight the colors within your living space. 

3. Memories, personal photos and vintage furniture, an heirloom from a relative or a special piece that reminds you of happy days is a wonderful way to create a sense of joy by connecting the past and the present. This is probably one of the most important part of creating a sense of home, a happy home, a joyous home and one that as an Interior Design Concepts founders Lori James and Danielle Lindesay love to work with so that your living space brings out the best in you and your family and creates a space for joy.

Interior Design Concepts uses a unique process for design-build-renovation, combining innovative home design and home remodeling solutions with expert craftsmanship into one seamless experience, which helps to make your home remodeling project efficient and enjoyable.

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