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No Tricks- All Treats!

Four Aiken Eateries to Visit for a Sweet Treat!

For a small town, Aiken offers a smorgasbord of restaurants. And when it comes to exploring the dining scene here in town, there’s perhaps no better place to start than at the end… with a tempting dessert. The sweets scene is Aiken is thriving with so many delicious and carefully designed desserts. Whether you’re looking for a midday treat or the perfect dish to cap off your dinner, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re craving somewhere in Aiken. If you’re ready to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a round-up of our favorite dessert spots in Aiken along with a dessert (or two) that you have to try. 

Park Avenue Oyster Bar & Grille

Park Avenue Oyster Bar & Grille, a fairly new addition to downtown Aiken, has already received tons of praise for--you guessed it--their oysters. But seafood isn’t the only thing they do well. Along with a raw bar, craft cocktails, a wine program and other fresh seafood dishes, Park Avenue Oyster Bar & Grille also offers some incredible dessert options. Next time you stop by, make sure you order up at least one slice of their cheesecake. It doesn’t matter whether you have the oyster tower, some maple-bourbon grilled mahi or even a grilled ribeye, the cheesecake is the perfect finale. 

Vampire Penguin

If you’re on-the-go in downtown Aiken and looking for a quick treat that won’t sit too heavy, then Vampire Penguin is the way to go. This delightfully-themed dessert spot specializes in shaved snow, a version of shaved ice that practically melts away in your mouth. Shaved snow has three to four times less calories and sugar than more traditional ice cream or frozen yogurt. Plus, the majority of their offerings are gluten-free. Stop by one afternoon to enjoy a seasonal favorite (like pumpkin pie) or one of their classic year-round offerings, strawberry cheesecake or peanut butter cup. 

La Parisienne French Bakery & Restaurant

Want to feel like you just got plopped down right into the middle of a Parisian café? Then head over to La Parisienne French Bakery & Restaurant. This cozy spot offers a variety of options, including quiche, sandwiches and salads. But the real stars here are the French-inspired desserts. The owner himself, David Meunier, hails from France. “The things we do, you don’t find it at a grocery store,” Meunier said when asked what makes La Parisienne so special. For a little taste of Paris, drop by and grab a couple of macarons or an almond croissant.

Flanigan’s Ice Cream Parlor

A true Aiken establishment, Flanigan’s Ice Cream Parlor opened their doors in 2004 and have been satisfying the sweet tooth ever since. This family-owned and family-friendly ice cream parlor serves hand-dipped ice cream in 28 flavors and fresh waffle cones. You can even get a sundae, shake or malt. The shop hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year like Ice Cream for Breakfast Day in February. Can’t decide what flavor you want? Next time you stop by, be sure to try out their ice cream flight where you can choose up to five different flavors.