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New memories await at Maggie Jayne's Snoballs in Appling, GA

A short twenty-minute drive from Evans, you’ll find the small town of Appling, Georgia. There, in the old Appling Post Office and a world away from bumper-to-bumper traffic and hectic schedules, sits Maggie Jayne’s Snoballs, a perfect place to slow down and create lasting memories.

“My vision for Maggie Jayne’s is really to be a place where people can congregate, meet your friends, bring your kids, and just come to hang out and relax,” says owner Maggie Herrmann.

As she and her husband, Chris, designed the shop, Maggie kept in mind her family’s love of gathering together and special childhood memories of her own. “I have a memory of my mother getting us all in the car one night. She wouldn’t tell us where we were going,” shares Maggie. “So the whole family got in the car and she took us to an ice cream parlor. It was a fun surprise and I’ve done it with my children a couple of times as well. That’s what I want… I want you to load up your kids in the car and surprise them with snoballs because that really becomes a memory for them.”

During the fall months, Maggie Jayne’s Snoballs transforms into a celebration of fall with a classic pumpkin patch. “Because we want to be a place where people gather, fellowship, and spend time together, we really want to provide a family atmosphere with an activity,” says Maggie. “You can pick out your pumpkin, pick out some gourds and a few corn stalks, and it really becomes more of an activity for your family than just a dessert.”

While choosing your fall decorations, make sure to sample their New Orleans style snoballs. The menu offers over fifty individual snoball flavors, plus several seasonal flavors, which can be combined to make limitless combinations. Additionally, the shop has an expanding menu that currently includes eleven flavors of Italian Ice, hot dogs, chips, drinks, and seasonal warm beverages such as hot chocolate.

The pumpkin patch and area surrounding the shop is intentionally designed for fun experiences and interactions. “I want to create a place where you can make an adventure and memories of picking out pumpkins with your kids,” says Maggie. In addition to a large, covered deck and quaint grassy seating area, there are numerous outdoor games, vintage cast aluminum coiled spring playground animals for kids, and many classic pumpkin patch photo opportunities, making Maggie Jayne’s Snoballs more than a dessert location. It’s an excursion destination.

Maggie Jayne’s Snoballs is located at 1963 Appling-Harlem Road in downtown Appling, Georgia. To bring Maggie Jayne’s Snoballs to your special event via their new food truck, call (706) 760-0794 or fill out the ‘contact us’ form at Also, follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for specials.

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