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Destination Backyard

Recreations Outlet Is Ready to Help Your Kids (and You!) Have the Best Summer

Kids laughing outside—it’s the ultimate soundtrack for summer. Whether your kids like to slide, jump, slam-dunk or swing high up to the sky, Recreations Outlet has everything you need to turn your backyard into the perfect adventure escape.

Playground One Swing Sets
One of the best things about this brand of swing set is that it’s totally customizable—the possibilities are endless. And when it comes to safety, Playground One is second to none. Made of 100% wood planks, they actually stabilize themselves and are resistant to pests, warping and rusting. Plus, all of the hardware is recessed, so it’s snag-proof. And don’t worry about a getting pinched by the swings—they’re actually pinch-proof as well.

Springfree Trampolines
True to its name, Springfree has no springs—instead, it has flexible composite rods, and is one of the reasons this brand of trampoline is the safest on the market. Their unique design can reduce 90% of equipment-related injuries. So you don’t need to worry about kids running into each other, as weight is not pulled into the center of the trampoline, and the FlexiNet sides eliminate falling or ripping. 

PROformance Hoops
If it’s good for the pros, it’s gotta be good for the kids, too, right? PROformance hoops use the same shatter-resistant glass as the NBA, so it’s safe for dunking and rough play. Best of all, these hoops can also grow with you children—certain models can easily transition from 5 ½ feet up to regulation height. And don’t worry about the hoops falling over—they’re anchored securely to the ground.

Recreations Outlet is also now open for pay-to-play and charitable play with a few new updates, including an all-new toddler zone, brand-new equipment in the showroom, and newly renovated party rooms. | OH-28, Milford | 513.831.7383

  • Turbo Original Fort Combo 3
  • Deluxe Playcenter Combo 3

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