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3 Rosé Sangrias to Sip This Season


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

It's officially rosé season. And while the blush pink wine is perfectly delightful straight from the bottle—chilled, of course—it also makes a fun and delicious sangria. Here are three sangria recipes that use rosé wine as the base that will become your go-to warm-weather drink.

Rosé Sangria from A Spicy Perspective

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This rosé sangria really packs a punch! It includes a bottle of French rosé plus bourbon and raspberry liqueur—and it looks pretty with watermelon balls and sliced strawberries.

Rosé Sangria from Food Network

Food Network's recipe uses a dry rosé, brandy, raspberry liqueur and fresh fruit. Top it with seltzer right before serving to make the sangria bubbly and refreshing.

Rosé Sangria from Barefoot Contessa

You can't go wrong with a cocktail recipe from Barefoot Contessa. She uses rosé, orange liqueur, brandy and pomegranate juice (and two red plums!) for a boozy and fun sangria.