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Article by Stephanie Parenza

Photography by Stephanie Parenza

Going with my family to Worlds of Fun last weekend brought up so many bittersweet memories for me. Growing up in Kansas City, Worlds of Fun was always one of our favorite family destinations. Even after we moved to Iowa, we would take an annual trip back just to go there!

My favorite part about taking my kids there was bringing them in to my memories. The first ride Leo & I went on was the Timber Wolf. This was my dad and mine's favorite ride. I can still hear him laughing during all the turns and drops. Roller coasters have always been my favorite and I was so excited when my son said he would ride with me. He was a little nervous as we stood in line and got in our seats but the Worlds of Fun staff took every precaution to make sure we were buckled in safely and that helped to ease his spirits.

The Timber Wolf is a classic staple when visiting Worlds of Fun. Leo survived his first roller coaster ride and while he wasn't rushing to jump back on right after, due to shock, he just told me he is ready to go back and ride it now!

While we were doing the roller coaster, the younger two kids were doing all things Planet Snoopy. I love that Worlds of Fun has this area, perfect for kids of all ages. We have a seven year age gap between our oldest and youngest and Planet Snoopy allowed for all three of our children to enjoy the park together. Our youngest, Vinny, loved the Snoopy vs. Baron, Snoopy's Space Buggie and meeting the characters. He could have spent all day there!

It was a hot day so we made it a priority to get to a water ride. Luckily, the line was short and we were able to do it twice. This was another childhood favorite of mine and I was so excited to have my kids experience the Viking Voyager. This ride is perfect for the entire family with just enough thrill for the little ones.

Waiting in line even provided some educational time as my kids started to question what a viking was and why they rode in these boats. I love any opportunity to keep their young & curious minds active.

In today's world, I think it is important to fill you in on all the precautions and amenities that Worlds of Fun as put in to place to keep your family safe. They are performing temperature checks as you enter and requiring masks during your visit. They have set up multiple sanitizer stations and have put signs up to help you know how to keep a safe social distance.

Walking around in a mask during the summer is not ideal but Worlds of Fun has a ton of natural shade that made it so much more comfortable for us. They also have designated RelaxZones that allow you to sit and safely take off your mask for a bit. This proved to be just what we needed as Vinny fell right asleep when we got to one!

We had such an amazing time at Worlds of Fun and are already talking about going again next year. We are so lucky to have this amusement park in our city and hope that all of you will go have some family fun before they close for the season. Just two more weekends to experience the 2020 season at Worlds of Fun and then you will have to wait until next year. Head that way by September 7, 2020!

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