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Article by David James

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The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten - unknown

Pedego electric bikes are known for quality, local service, and the best warranty in the business. Many of our competitors are cheaper in price, but often times more expensive in the long run.

Having opened in Overland Park just over a couple of months ago, we are routinely contacted by consumers of competing brands of e-bikes. Most often we get questions about parts that they cannot source, necessary repairs, or assembly of an e-bike they purchased elsewhere that they have found difficult too difficult for them to manage; or the bike needs adjustments after it is assembled. While other dealers often turn these customers away, at Pedego Overland Park, we see this as an opportunity to help. If we can find parts, we will. If we can assemble or repair their electric bicycle, we will. By doing this, we showcase what is different about Pedego from our competitors - having a local presence for customers to come to for product, accessories and needed repairs or service. This also gives us a chance to showcase our product and our 5 year warranty which is usually much longer than their so-called "cheap" bike.

We have had many customers say they regret their online e-bike purchase. Many lament the purchase process, trying to select the correct style, size, and accessories for their particular needs. If the wrong bike is selected, the cost for return shipping is usually on the customer which can run $100-$200. And some online sellers charge an exorbitant restocking fee which can also cost hundreds of dollars.

When the bike finally arrives (often weeks or months due to supply chain issues), then comes the challenge of assembling a product most are not familiar with. What is supposed to take an hour, often times turns into an all-day project. (What is your time worth?) If all of the parts are present, and for those who are successful, they may then find out that the factory has not adjusted the derailleur (gears) or the brakes, properly. Again, this is not a task that everyone is equipped to handle. The cost to have someone assemble and tune your new e-bike can run $100-$150, and many traditional bike shops will not even work on electric bikes.

If the customer is successful in getting their bicycle assembled and tuned, many are surprised to learn that their bike needs to be regularly maintained, and that inferior quality parts can give out much sooner than expected. The prospect of buying an electric bike for $1,000 to $4,000, or more, and then have it fail in 12-18 months and not be “under warranty” is often a cause of duress and extreme dissatisfaction. 

At Pedego our tag line is “Hello fun...” - we truly want people to enjoy the purchase and ownership of their electric bicycle, which should provide them years of faithful service. If you are considering the purchase of an e-bike, please do your homework and if we can be of assistance, please stop in and see us.