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Dharma Wellness brings Ayurvedic medicine to Missoula

Ayurvedic medicine originated in India more than 3,000 years ago, allowing for some decoding of complexities when it comes to the human body. Today, its wide range of diverse treatments serve as a framework that modern healers can use to help restore health. Reyna Montoya, founder and owner of Dharma Wellness, experienced the depth of healing this alternative medicine can provide. Ayurvedic practices helped her heal from the grief of divorce and the sorrow of failed in vitro fertilization. Her hormone stores were decimated. Then, she went to an Ayurvedic counselor.

“They gave me simple practices to begin building my system back up again,” said Reyna. “I was surprised at how easy and effective it was.” That experience stirred Reyna’s desire to go deeper into the world of Ayurvedic medicine. In 2018, she graduated from Sampoorna Ayurvedic College. Now, as a counselor herself, she lives out her Dharma, which is Sanskrit for “passion,” by teaching the Ayurvedic tradition.

In 2021, Reyna and her business partner opened Dharma Wellness as a holistic Ayurvedic spa. Her co-founder has since left Missoula but Reyna has been busy expanding. She’s brought on three additional providers, added four therapy rooms, and transformed the studio into a peaceful space that beckons patrons to pause and release their cares for a moment.

“For me, living my Dharma means offering clients a luxury experience,” said Reyna. “I train all of my employees on Forbes Five Star Standards and we use products from makers who prioritize quality and employ sustainable, regenerative practices.” What’s most important, however, is the skill and compassion with which the staff approaches each client’s needs. “Everyone is so adept at understanding what each body is trying to say through a cluster of symptoms. We can be especially effective because as we learn about what’s going on during the session we each have the knowledge to adapt the treatment. In this way, every experience is completely customized—not to just that person but to how that person is feeling that day,” said Reyna.

Looking over the spa menu, it's clear Reyna and her team have mastered a large variety of healing modalities. Options include traditional massage or facials, plus luxury enhancements like Himalayan salt detoxes, Kansa Wand applications, or sound bowl healing. “Being able to employ so many techniques is a testimony to how versatile Ayurveda is,” Reyna said. “These knowledge-based treatments can address migraines, digestive issues, mood disorders, and so much more. And Missoula is full of wellness-minded people. I’m always impressed with how researched they are. They’re so excited to have a professional who can help them take it deeper. When clients walk in, I often hear, ‘I have that book!’”

Reyna and her staff are generous with the exclusive care they lavish on each client. Last year, when a dryer fire temporarily closed the spa, customers had a chance to repay that generosity. “While we were cleaning up all that smoke and power washing stuff down at the car wash, customers were calling to buy one, two, three gift cards,” said Reyna. “We explained that we weren’t sure when we could open back up again but they’d say, ‘We know. We just want to support you.’” That outpouring sent a clear message to Reyna and her staff: we’re glad you’re here and we want you to stay. “We were in tears but it was more over everyone’s amazing generosity than the actual destruction from the fire. That was our phoenix rising moment,” she said.

The ashes are gone now, replaced by the sweet, spicy smell of incense. With a larger space and more therapy rooms, customers can enjoy couples massage and enhancements like warm stone therapy, Joyful Belly treatment, and an herbal foot bath. In Ayurvedic terms, Reyna’s passion for pampering is the highest expression of her Dharma. “We want to welcome people into a sanctuary where luxury harmonizes with holistic healing for an unmatched, rejuvenating experience.”

To book a service, go to or call or text 406.384.6955.

“These knowledge-based treatments can address migraines, digestive issues, mood disorders, and so much more." - Reyna Montoya

"Missoula is full of wellness-minded people." - Reyna Montoya