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Exterior of store at Fashion Show

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Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend

Veteran Jeweler Michael E. Minden Gives Us A Peek At His Multi-Faceted Clientele

Article by Kevin Smothers

Photography by Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers

Originally published in Red Rock City Lifestyle

Depending on who you ask, buying jewelry in general, and diamonds specifically, can be a slightly unnerving experience. Especially for the gentlemen out there. What should one expect to pay? How do I know I’m getting a genuine product that will appreciate with age and also stand the test of time from a style perspective? Enter Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers to save the day.

For more than 30 years the eponymous Michael E. Minden has helmed a talented group of in-house jewelry designers and award-winning craftsman that operate their own manufacturing operation out of a glittering storefront in the Fashion Show mall. The business serves a longstanding local customer base, but also does brisk business with those visiting Las Vegas for only a short time.

“Surprisingly, men typically come to us after having done extensive and methodical research in advance of their purchase,” says Minden. “What most don’t realize is that we can sit down with someone who has something specific in mind. Our designers will hand-draw a piece of jewelry to meet the client’s needs and then we invite them to follow along during the manufacturing process.” 

As impressive as the vast inventory of luxe baubles and glittering stones may be, it’s the behind-the-scenes knowledge of the diamonds themselves that’s truly remarkable. A casual conversation with Minden evolved into an educational opportunity to learn about “real” diamonds versus the “lab grown” variety that have started to infiltrate the marketplace. 

Minden himself is one of a select few jewelers who gets a first look, and the eventual first pick, of diamonds from all across the world. However, he is quick to note that it’s not just large stones with high prices available in-store, but in reality, there are items that start below $100, meaning there is truly something for every customer’s price point. 

Unique custom work is also an area of expertise for Minden and his team of designers. They recently crafted a one-of-a-kind pendant featuring the Las Vegas Raiders logo and a diamond encrusted likeness of Allegiant Stadium. The piece was created for an auction at a recent Darren Waller Foundation fundraiser, one of many organizations the company supports across the valley.

Community service is highly important to Michael Minden and his wife Theresa, with both serving on a variety of nonprofit Boards of Directors. “It’s important for us to not only serve the community as a trusted retailer,” Minden noted, “but also to be in the trenches helping the neediest among us, whether that be in education, healthcare, or social services.”  

As the pandemic moves further into our collective rearview mirror, Minden expects the business to grow as more and more people move into the city and as tourism springs back.

"The one thing I always tell people is to shop us last,” Minden says. “Seriously, do your research, shop around and then come to us and let us match or beat the prices you’ve previously found. It’s what we do best.”

It’s also yet another way this veteran jeweler serves his hometown and stays at the forefront of the Vegas jewelry scene. 

  • Elvis Presley's "Stage" Ring, part of the MEMDJ private collection
  • Exterior of store at Fashion Show
  • Custom engagement ring
  • Custom piece designed in-house
  • Interior of Fashion Show Mall Store
  • Michael E. Minden
  • Custom Las Vegas Raiders Diamond Pendant

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