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Car enthusiast Joe Kelley’s dream home is simple. The Chicago native and proud owner of a 1967 Chevy Impala SS convertible, 383 stroker, says give him one-bedroom and five garages. Add car lifts and he’s in heaven.

“I hear that a lot,” says Alan Forbus, co-owner and managing partner at Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions in Naples. The company was founded in 2020 by Brennen Seaman. It was a spinoff from his already successful business, Detailers of Naples, a detailing service for luxury vehicles. Together they made the perfect team and business is soaring. Blue Diamond is considered to be the most trusted source in SWFL for unique and custom garage solutions and makeovers. We asked him to tell us more about this rising trend in American homes.

Q: In your 30 years of experience in designing luxury garage spaces, how popular have car lifts become to homeowners in Naples?

A: Over the past 14 years of living in Naples and being in customers' homes, storage lifts have been on a steady rise in popularity. It’s not uncommon to have multiple lifts in the garage. Naples is such a car town and many of our clients have awesome car collections and need to capitalize on the sometimes limited space in their garage.

Q: Are there more options other than single post lifts and 4 post-industrial lifts?

A: Obviously the 4 post storage lifts are the most common. Single post are a great option in a smaller garage because of its more compact design. Another option is a scissor-type lift like the Autostacker which works with lower ceiling heights and smaller spaces. The challenge with this style is space to open the car doors.

Q: Are car lifts a good investment?

A: Absolutely. Having the ability to store multiple cars in one location and not having the inconvenience of driving to another location to swap cars is very valuable. Not only does it save mileage on the car, it saves time and extra money spent on other storage options. The basic 4 post lift to the more complex single post or scissor style range from $5,000 to$30,000.

"Our motto is that businesses don’t grow, relationships do. Being part of a team that strives for perfection, having great working relationships with each other and our customers creates a very healthy work environment. Everyone enjoys making our client’s dreams come true,” says Alan.

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