Digitally Redesign Your Home’s Exterior with Dzinly

Get ideas from designers & plans and resources to implement them

Matt and Jackie Mosher first started thinking about Dzinly in 2014. “Matt and I were on a flight home from a family vacation with our kids and talking about business,” Jackie says, “One thing led to another, and I’ll be darned if we didn’t write this out on a little Wet Nap.”

“Business,” to this husband-and-wife duo related to real estate. Jackie’s been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years, including running her own residential appraisal company; Matt launched his landscape architecture firm, Mosher Design Co., as a teenager. Together, the pair of serial entrepreneurs realized Dzinly ( was a need missing in the market.

Dzinly is a virtual technology platform that lets users easily and affordably reimagine a home’s exterior before investing time and money on materials, contractors and DIY projects. Launched in 2021, it’s revolutionizing the way people view home improvement, literally.

Pay a visit to Home Depot on any given weekend and you’ll see shoppers squinting at paint samples, trying to imagine what the colors might look like on their own home’s exterior. Dzinly removes the guesswork from the process — plus much more. Dzinly lets the user see exactly what their home will look like as well as switch out different colors and materials and add architectural changes all with the input of a professional designer guiding the way.  From there they help with hiring a vetted local architect or contractor to carry out the project. The project can be shared with anyone, including friends or your own conventional designer. It’s a one-stop shop in every sense of the word.

Although Dzinly began as a passion project on the side of the couple’s many other endeavors, Jackie says, “Now it’s a monster that needs to be fed every day,” adding, “We truly built this ourselves, with a full-time tech team. We were involved in every storyboard, every icon, every button, it was all blood sweat and tears — there’s not one thing that we did not purposefully build. Now the train has left the station and it’s picking up speed. There are so many amazing things coming,” she says. “I can’t help but pinch myself, because I know what’s coming, and it’s such an exciting time.”

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