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Worry-free Dining for Those With Food Allergies and Special Diets

Burtons Grill & Bar is an upscale, allergy-friendly restaurant that offers something for everyone. Ranking No. 1 on AllergyEats.com, Burtons Grill & Bar is a scratch kitchen that caters to the nutritionally challenged by ensuring each food item on their menu is carefully prepared without the worry of cross-contamination. Led by General Manager Krisztian Martin and Executive Chef Dominic Miller, the establishment goes out of its way to make sure each guest has a personal experience that is prepared just right for them and maintains the motto “delight every guest" one at a time.

The careful attention to the needs of each patron is what sets Burtons apart from the competition. While many restaurants may view special requests for dietary needs as a pain, Burtons welcomes requests. In fact, they have made a business out of it. 

The staff at Burtons pride themselves on the integrity of high-quality meals that are strategically curated to ensure nothing a guest is allergic to will end up on their plate. In addition, Burtons does not keep a well for beverages and only preserves drinks on their top shelf to ensure the freshest quality. Through the use of dedicated fryers for food that is from different categories such as french fries, seafood and poultry, the restaurant alleviates the burden of having to worry if items have been mixed with something that may have been used to prepare another dish. 

Chefs at Burtons Grill & Bar are fanatical about food preparation and do not take any shortcuts when a guest makes a request. The staff goes the extra mile to make use of allergy-kits, which include a fresh cutting board, a new knife, a thermometer and tongs. Whether a guest has specific dietary needs due to food allergies, celiac disease or they're seeking a paleo, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet, Burtons is ready to accommodate.

Marc Habbouche, Burtons Area Director of Operations, is especially passionate about ensuring each guest has an enjoyable experience at Burtons. He works to ensure that not only operations are running effectively and efficiently, but that each guest is provided with high-quality food and beverages that exceed their expectations. 

The restaurant’s steaks are sourced from Chicago, where they are cut and wet-aged from Allen Brothers, which offers superior quality. Salmon is sourced from the Bay of Fundy in the Gulf of Maine and haddock is imported from Iceland. The restaurant offers an assortment of food items, drinks and cocktails. Some menu items include: 

General Tso's Cauliflower

This dish can be prepared vegan or vegetarian. Traditionally it’s made with a buttermilk drudge, corn flour and is flash-fried for a crispy texture. The dish is then tossed with a house-made General Tso’s Sauce and served with ginger aioli. 

Salmon Paleo Bowl

Bay of Fundy Salmon with turmeric rub, served with cauliflower rice, julienne vegetables, roasted tomatoes and zucchini, pickled onions, toasted almonds and cilantro chimichurri. Everything about the Salmon Paleo Bowl is ensured 100% paleo. Burtons even goes the extra mile to source raw honey that is certified paleo. The dish can be prepared with chicken instead of salmon, and can be made vegan or vegetarian by using roasted cauliflower.

Black Bean Tostadas

This dish combines crispy tortillas with two mini black bean patties, pickled cabbage slaw, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, guacamole, grilled corn, baja sauce, tomato jalapeno relish and cilantro. It’s a fun dish with a colorful presentation for those who are looking for a vegetarian dish. It can also be prepared vegan. 

Burtons takes the dining experience of each customer a step beyond by proactively seeking feedback from each guest at a table to help build trust with patrons.

The establishment seeks not just the ability to feed its guests, but also to ensure that each patron is fully satisfied, healthy and safe. The special ingredient in Burtons amazing staff is that everyone maintains high standards about the integrity of the products they sell, which creates a better environment for all. 

Burtons Grill & Bar is located at 1601 E. Woodlawn Rd in the Park Road Shopping Center and has a second new location at 9816 - J Rea Road in the Blakeney Shopping Center. The brand has grown to have over 19 locations across the country. Those with food restrictions can order food and rest assured knowing that the restaurant will provide a delightful meal. 

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