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Date Night Cooking Classes at the Kitchen Conservatory + Warner Brothers TENET in Theaters, and Netflix's RATCHED on Digital too!

Because we've all been struggling to find things to do that incorporate the “new norm” of social distancing, Dinner and A Movie = Date Night this month wants to suggest heading to a culinary creative space in the heart of Clayton, and then, either head out to a nearby theater to catch the most anticipated "Blockbuster of the Summer," or to head back home and get a scary movie fix on instead…

Let’s start out with scheduling an official “Date Night” Class at the Kitchen Conservatory.

Kitchen Conservatory

8021 Clayton Road, 63117

314.862.COOK (2665)

This fabulous place is filled with every kitchen gadget one can possibly imagine, and is the venue to visit that hosts more culinary classes than an actual culinary school, each and every week! The Kitchen Conservatory is the perfect place for spouses to learn the “Fine Art of Cooking," all while honing culinary skills and learning to work together to create an exceptional meal.

Plus, September’s Date Night Classes at the Kitchen Conservatory will not only be perfectly pleasing to palates – but they are also the perfect size, too – maintaining all social distancing protocols, whether venturing into a Rustic French Bistro on Sept. 4, or learning to master cooking with bourbon in the Bourbon is Whiskey Business class on Sept. 11. For those who love to dance and cook, too, then attend their Big Band Swing Dine and Dance class on Sept.19. Just make a point to visit to check out all of the classes.

Now the time has come to experience the long-awaited film from writer/director/producer Christopher Nolan, which is going to bring that “Summer Blockbuster” feel to Labor Day weekend instead.

TENET – Rated PG-13 – 2 hrs. 30 mins. – Hitting in select theaters Sept. 3

Just like Nolan’s previous masterfully created films – including  INCEPTION, INTERSTELLAR and DUNKIRK, his next film TENET, asks viewers to venture deep into the world of international espionage, as the Protagonist (played by John David Washington), armed with only one word – TENET – finds himself fighting for the survival of our entire world. 

And this, in typical Christopher Nolan fashion, is all we are getting before the film hits in theaters, as even the trailer isn't giving us too much to go on.  TENET also stars Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine.

And just to make sure your Date isn’t a total bust if the theaters still aren’t open here locally by Labor Day weekend, make plans to head back home and take in a fabulous new Drama series popping on Netflix, called RATCHED!

RATCHED – Airing on NETFLIX beginning Sept. 18 

Based on one of the most iconic characters in the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, nurse Mildred Ratched, creator Evan Romansky and American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy take watchers on a journey into the life of Nurse Ratched, long before we meet the deranged monster within the frames of the film. With an all-star cast, including Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, Sharon Stone, Amanda Plummer, Corey Stoll, and many others, this new series drama will be “just the ticket” to keep you on edge of your seat, the whole night through.

To have a restaurant or theater featured in Dinner & a Movie = Date Night, contact contributing writer/photographer Kathleen Kaiser at 618.444.3802 or

  • Date Night Cooking Class at the Kitchen Conservatory - Photo courtesy of Kitchen Conservatory
  • TENET Movie Poster ©Warner Brothers Studios
  • TENET MOVIE © Warner Brothers Studios
  • TENET Movie © Warner Brothers Studios
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  • Sarah Paulson in RATCHED Drama Series ©NETFLIX Studios
  • Sharon Stone in RATCHED Drama Series ©NETFLIX Studios
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