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Discovering Everleigh

An Introduction to Louisa County’s Delightful Vineyard and Brewing Company

Located in the serene hills of Louisa County, Virginia, a short drive from Richmond is the captivating, family-operated boutique winery and brewery Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company. Beyond its rustic allure, Everleigh stands out for its extensive selection of craft beer, cider, and wine, all meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Central Virginia. Led by Barbara and Joe Evers and their talented son Ryan, a cider maker, the family is deeply committed to maintaining a small-scale vineyard operation, ensuring every step of the process is executed with the utmost care and attention. Their unwavering dedication to excellence guarantees they leave no stone unturned in delivering the finest products to their community.

Since the beginning of their winemaking venture in 2015, The Evers family has firmly believed that exceptional wine can only come from exceptional vineyards. That is why they conducted extensive research to determine the best grape varieties, site layout, and logistical considerations for growing high-quality wine grapes. In addition to entrusting their harvest only to the finest winemakers, the Evers also receive guidance from professional consultants from Bordeaux and Napa. This tradition extends to the brewery, where they receive invaluable support from an award-winning craft beer consultancy.

Apart from Ryan, the accomplished cider maker, Barbara and Joe's other children are also involved in Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company. Their oldest son, Taylor, helps out in the vineyard and the tasting room, while their youngest son, Colby, runs his own distribution company to assist with the distribution of beer products. Their daughter, Jordan, manages their social media accounts with assistance from their daughter-in-law, Stephanie. The active participation of the entire family in the business truly showcases the remarkable unity and collaboration within the company.

At Everleigh, it's not just about the wine and beer. The Evers family provides their guests with an unforgettable experience. Their spacious indoor area offers stunning views of the vineyard, featuring an upstairs area with two expansive open-air decks that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor atmospheres. A large two-tiered outdoor deck overlooking the lawn provides the perfect setting to savor the moment. To enhance this already splendid setting, they offer a diverse music experience, featuring live performances ranging from jazz trios and 7-piece bluegrass bands to country and rock every Saturday and Sunday, with occasional shows on Fridays as well. And when it comes to food, their seasonal menu is always a hit, with the added bonus of food trucks stopping by once a month to offer a diverse selection of local eats.

More than just a vineyard, Everleigh is a hub of community engagement. It's the perfect venue for a variety of special occasions, from weddings and bridal showers to birthdays and milestone celebrations. The vineyard has hosted unique events like the Peony Flower Festival, First Fridays in Louisa, and its legendary Halloween costume party. Everleigh is all about giving back to the community, organizing fundraisers for veterans and the SPCA, and proudly supporting the Louisa County High School jazz band. They also love showcasing local artists by exhibiting their artwork on a regular rotation. Additionally, they go to great lengths to support local musicians.

Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company is located at 9845 Jefferson Highway in Mineral. Stop by today to sample their best-selling wine, a still white Chardonel (Jordan's Bench), or their most popular beers: the "Prospect" IPA and the "Precambrian Lager.” To check out their upcoming events or learn more about Everleigh, visit

"Beyond its rustic allure, Everleigh stands out for its extensive selection of craft beer, cider, and wine, all meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Central Virginia."

  • photo provided by Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company
  • photo by Steven Casupanan
  • photo by Steven Casupanan
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