Discovery Point Twelve Oaks: Nurturing Young Minds

A Family-Oriented Child Care Center with an Innovative Curriculum and a Commitment to Community

Discovery Point Twelve Oaks in Bradenton, Florida, is a beacon of excellence in the realm of early childhood education. Founded by Robin and Roger Clough, this child care center offers a blend of experience, commitment, and innovative curriculum designed to prepare children for elementary school and beyond. The Cloughs' journey to establishing this educational haven was guided by a deep-rooted passion for children's development.

The Cloughs carefully selected Discovery Point as the platform for their vision. What set Discovery Point apart? A remarkable 35-year legacy in the childcare industry, with established schools in Georgia and Tampa. This rich history provided a strong foundation for their mission: to provide children with a safe, nurturing, and academically enriching environment.

What distinguishes Discovery Point Twelve Oaks is its family-oriented atmosphere. The Cloughs, parents to McKenzie and Owen, actively involve their own children in the center's activities. This unique approach fosters a sense of inclusivity, creating a close-knit community. Their mission is deeply personal. "Our own children work with us in the summer and during breaks, creating a family atmosphere," Roger Clough notes. This family-centric approach extends to the heart of the center's ethos and contributes significantly to its success.

Roger Clough, with an Education Doctorate (Ed. D.) in Executive Leadership, brings an educational leadership background to the center. Meanwhile, Robin Clough's experience as a mission support specialist for Homeland Security Investigation equips her with the skills necessary for this venture. Their combined expertise ensures a holistic approach to child care and education.

A cornerstone of Discovery Point Twelve Oaks is its curriculum, thoughtfully designed for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. This comprehensive program recognizes that every child learns differently. It aligns with both New York State and Florida educational standards, ensuring that children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the future.

In addition to the robust curriculum, the school places a strong emphasis on staff development. They understand the critical role educators play in the success of their students. To support our teaching team, there is a dedicated curriculum coordinator who ensures that educational materials and methods are aligned with Florida education standards.

The staff also benefits from ongoing professional development, with three dedicated staff development days annually, featuring national guest speakers who bring fresh perspectives to the team. Monthly staff meetings foster collaboration and the exchange of best practices among educators. This commitment to staff development ensures that teachers are well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of the students and provide them with an enriching learning experience.

With two Directors, Director Julia and Director Leah, there is a combined 50 years of experience in child care. The Directors are present daily, greeting parents, helping teachers and making sure there is the support needed. They are active in every way!

An extra perk! The center provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepared by their Executive Chef, Chef Stephen, who has over 30 years of culinary experience. "One unique aspect to our school is that we have a chef that cooks breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a daily basis. Chef Stephen prepares the food in our commercial kitchen and cooks with fresh, organic, and healthy items," Roger Clough shared. "This relieves the stress on parents to have to make their child's lunch and prepare it in the morning or evening. This is all part of the tuition."

They also participate in various charitable efforts, including the Salvation Army's "No Kid Hungry" program, which aims to combat child hunger. Additionally, they host a toy drive for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation during the holiday season. This annual toy drive is an opportunity for the community to come together and bring joy to children during the holiday season. Through the generous donations of toys, Discovery Point Twelve Oaks contributes to the mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to ensure every child has a gift to unwrap during the holidays.

Discovery Point Twelve Oaks in Bradenton, Florida, stands out as an exceptional childcare center. Its unique blend of experience, commitment, and innovative curriculum prepares children for elementary school and beyond. By prioritizing family engagement, fostering creativity and a love for learning, and actively participating in charitable initiatives, it sets a high standard for child care and early education in the region.

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum:

    • Discovery Point Twelve Oaks offers a well-structured curriculum for infants to five-year-old children, aligned with state and national educational standards. This curriculum prepares students for elementary school and emphasizes diverse skills and challenges for their success.
  2. Family-Centered Leadership:

    • Owners Roger and Robin actively involve their own children in the center, creating a family-friendly atmosphere. Roger's educational background and Robin's experience in Homeland Security provide a strong foundation for effective leadership.
  3. Safety and Security:

    • The center ensures a safe environment through features like surveillance cameras, secure entry systems, regular safety drills, and well-trained teachers who are prepared for emergencies.
  4. Community Involvement:

    • Discovery Point Twelve Oaks is engaged in various community initiatives, including charitable donations, cancer awareness campaigns, and partnerships with local schools. Their commitment extends to being active in the Manatee Chamber of Commerce.

The Cloughs' journey to establishing this educational haven was guided by a deep-rooted passion for children's development.

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