Reconnecting to Our Roots

How Breigh Jones-Coplin is Using Floristry to Free Us from the World’s Distractions

Breigh Jones-Coplin, owner and founder of Black + Blossomed, is putting forth a new perspective on the beauty of floristry. With a doctorate in psychology, she has been able to juxtapose her two passions in life by creating Black + Blossomed, a Denver-based floral shop. She believes that her purpose is to promote and heal mental health awareness and restoration. In addition to the therapeutic element, Black + Blossomed also offers a space for community. Giving people a different experience, showing they care, allows her team to offer a unique resource that goes beyond simply providing floral arrangements.

Rather than your typical flower arrangement, the company offers redolent bouquets that aim to give us all a colorful reminder to recall our roots.

She explains that our relationship and connection allow us to naturally feel like home whenever we’re outdoors.

“We are experiencing life. Trees are life. Plants are life. Flowers are life,” Breigh says.

Breigh believes that when we walk into spaces filled with beauty, like the Denver Botanic Gardens, whose only purpose is to exist in its natural element, we’re forced to see things differently than we do in our everyday lives. We’re challenged to immerse ourselves in a new environment and to take it all in.

She says we have to push away everything else.

“Meaning, we have to rid ourselves of all the stuff we consume mentally on a daily basis—whether that’s social media, scrolling through your phone, watching the news or all of the standards we hold over ourselves and over each other. In these kinds of spaces, you have to be present in an actual world.”

Breigh also believes flowers are a vessel for connection.

“When you work with your hands, it takes you outside of your head. We tend to get so in our heads on a frequent basis that we barely notice that when we’re busy using our hands to create, we’re not thinking about our anxiety or all the things that we have to get done or how tired we are—that’s why I love what I do. I get to be able to get out of my head while also helping people get out of theirs," Breigh says.

Before starting Black + Blossomed, she would go to farmer’s markets to get flowers for her home and would arrange them herself. Little did she know that this would become an activity for more than just killing time or to use as a creative outlet. Her newfound passion and business would become representative of a strong message. 

"I hope to ignite the Denver community to give themselves permission to step outside of what they’ve been historically exposed to and allowed to do,” she says.

Black + Blossomed is more than just being about flowers; it’s about presenting a model that amplifies the importance of having access to a space or an idea that challenges us to be more uninhibited and free, to break away from the social pressures that are applied on our everyday lives. It’s about giving people a place to feel like they can freely tap into their anima.

The company is expected to become a big part of the Denver community in the near future. You’ll soon be able to find floral arrangements in its very own floral shop, opening in October, and it will also partner with RiNo’s community hub, Greenspace. Until then, you can connect with them at or @BlackAndBlossomed on Instagram.

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