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Mental Health and Well-Being for All

Diversus Health: New Name; Vital Mission

Article by Ashley Hamershock

Photography by Lydia Ruth Photography & Cactus Marketing and Chris Sanger

Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

What’s in a name?

If the name is Diversus Health, quite a lot. 

Its predecessor, the Springs Relief Society, was established 145 years ago and was known for delivering coal, lumber and clothing to the community’s vulnerable. After trying on different names over the years, the largest behavioral health care provider in El Paso, Park, and Teller counties recently rebranded as Diversus Health. Latin for distinct, different the word Diversus perfectly captures what President & CEO Adam Roberts is leading the company to be.

The first thing you notice when meeting Roberts is the sense of optimism he carries. The rebranding of Diversus Health, which he and E.J. Rickey, Vice-President of Marketing and Communication Strategy led, is a step towards creating something different in the field of behavioral and mental health. That approach to thinking differently has become a hallmark of Roberts’ leadership style.

“We wanted a name that reflected the personalities and lives of all of our employees and the people we serve. Everyone is different and unique and that is something to be proud of and celebrate,” Roberts explained.

Through the rebranding process, there was also a change to the tagline to better reflect the new brand’s promise: Mental Health and Well Being for All. “The tagline is pivotal to this brand because it captures what we believe in,” Roberts said. “Life is hard and very challenging and we wanted to provide comfort, trust, and predictability with this brand and reduce the risk of disappointment.”

Even more important is that in tandem with its new name, Diversus Health is narrowing its focus and clarifying what it does best: mental and behavioral health. Its continuum of care focuses on four core areas: addiction services, counseling services, crisis services and psychiatric services. Each service area maintains a wide range of programs and initiatives.

It’s the difference between a restaurant that offers a sprawling menu of 30 mediocre items and one that offers a small handful of exceptional meals.

“Some of the strongest brands are very specific, and what you think of when you hear their name is critical to the loyalty they aim to build with you,” said Rickey. “In a time when the services we provide are increasing in need, inspiring confidence in our clients and making them feel valued is so important to the entire Diversus Health team."

Caring for Employees

First order of business? The recruitment and retention of employees, who are the backbone of what they do.

“This is challenging and rewarding work,” Roberts said. “It’s important to acknowledge that and listen to employees. Diversus Health puts a huge emphasis on a wellness-driven work environment and creating a brand that employees can rally around and be proud of. As an organization, we talk about how details matter, and through the rebranding project, whether it be the logo, color scheme, or type of swag we ordered, every detail was looked at critically to reflect the care we have for our employees and the communities we serve.”

“Employees need more than just work these days,” Roberts said. “I wanted our staff to be inspired, even when challenges arise.”

During the pandemic, for instance, Diversus Health initially shifted most appointments online. Ultimately, some employees found they preferred being remote. Others are back in clinics. From July 2020-June 2021, Diversus Health’s 430 employees delivered nearly 200,000 appointments to about 16,000 clients via telehealth, telephone and face-to-face visits. 

The company is considering keeping flexible working schedules moving forward. It’s a domino effect–if employees are happy at work, they’re better positioned to give exceptional care to the people they serve. 

Providing Safety and Consistency for Clients

The pandemic has spurred an uptick in demand. 

“I think people are becoming more aware of how they are feeling,” Roberts said. 

Over the last couple of years, Diversus Health has worked to provide clients a simpler, more consistent experience throughout each aspect of their mental health journey, and this was reinforced with a renewed focus in the rebranding initiative.

This is especially important in the mental health care realm, where clients often are already stressed or anxious about something. “You think about an aspect like an organization’s website and in today’s digital age, that is the front door to your organization,” Rickey said. “Across all industries, customers are looking for a simple, user-friendly experience. That becomes even more critical to account for when they are experiencing symptoms related to mental health conditions they may be experiencing.”

And for some, having the option to receive services online offers more privacy or convenience. In the past, some clients would drive to a clinic further from home simply to lower the risk of running into someone they knew. Others, particularly in rural areas, had to drive a fair distance for appointments. Now, they have a choice of in-person or telehealth visits. 

“What do they need and what do they want?” Roberts said. “We have to figure out what that mix is in order to consistently deliver a positive experience.”

Collaboration + Community

As the demand for mental health services increases, Diversus Health is working to stay ahead of the curve. They have put into place new ways of delivering care and new ways of meeting people where they are.

“We want to partner on addressing this massive need,” Roberts said.

They are looking to build training through universities and internship programs, for example. They also are a major sponsor of the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club in order to raise public awareness about mental health issues in a more mainstream setting. In fact, their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Imad Melhem, will serve on the club as a mental health consultant for the upcoming season. Additionally, they will be hosting a May 17 golf tournament at The Broadmoor that will directly benefit other nonprofit organizations in Colorado Springs that provide mental health services. 

“We’re an answer to a lot of things in this community, but we aren’t everything," Roberts said. "We have to work together and be creative and innovative to improve the mental health of this community."

The sentiment echoes an old proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." 

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