DIY Ceramic Coating

To DIY or not to DIY

I like maintaining my car. But waxing it isn’t my favorite. I want the shine and protection of wax but I don’t want the maintenance. Ceramic coatings are just the ticket if you feel the same way. Ceramic coatings last for 2-5 years, and have all the shine and water resistant qualities that wax has plus you don’t have to tape off the plastic trim! You can coat the trim, windows, and plastic parts while your at it.

First do a wash. You can get Chemical Guys Clean Slate soap to strip all the old wax and get down to bear clear coat. That’s important!

Second, car needs to be clay bared. There are several kits to choose from. You’ll be amazed at how dirty the paint still is. Then you’ll wash the car one more time to get the clay bar spray residue off the car. 

Third, you may need to compound and polish the car. Once you seal in all the micro scratches and swirles they’ll stay there. Then do a isopropyl alcohol clean (90% or greater).

Forth, apply the ceramic coating. Avalon King came with great instructions and consumer help resources. I’ve never been treated so well by a online business. Seriously. 

Now, DIY isn’t for everyone. If you want it professionally done, I interviewed Paul Heackman of ColorAuto Detailing. He really knows how to make a car better than showroom. They offer professional paint correction, robust ceramic coatings, and other great services. You can contact Paul at: 970-628-1616. Tell’em we sent ya!

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