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DIY Natural Cleaning Supplies


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

When you clean your home, you also want to keep yourself, your kids and any pets you have running around safe from toxic chemicals. Here are some easy homemade cleaning products with natural, everyday ingredients that you probably already have in your house.

How I Clean My Entire House with 5 Ingredients

"A few years ago, I was overhauling the house and getting rid of toxic products in my home. I started making homemade products with my oils and when I came to my precious cleaning supplies, I was skeptical. Would I really be able to make products that work like Windex? Or what about that Lysol smell after my floors are mopped? What about the toilet bowl? I researched recipes and started trying different things. Let me tell you, I was impressed! I still get that clean, fresh look and scent without the chemicals. I use a couple of essential oils and a few products to clean my entire house, and it still sparkles."

Our Oily House

Homemade Air Freshener for Fabric and Rooms

"Do you love to use air freshener? It smells great, but can be bad for your health. Learn to make all-natural homemade air freshener that will leave your home smelling sweet."

Bren Did

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Homemade Natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

"We all carry hand sanitizers with us and they do a great job of disinfecting your hands on-the-go. If you are someone who loves to use organic and homemade/safe products, you certainly wouldn’t want to use alcohol based hand sanitizers and alcohol is the main ingredient in all the commercial hand sanitizers."

Little DIY

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