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Building Your Own Terrarium

A Guide To Bringing The Outdoors In

Terrariums are fun pieces of decor that bring life into the room! As a plant lover, there is nothing more adorable than having your own custom terrarium designed by you. Whether you're a plant expert or a beginner, this project will be perfect for you. 

   Here’s a list of the things you’ll need - Pebbles, Activated Charcoal, Potting soil, Plants of your choice, Glass Jar, and Moss (optional).

1) Pebbles

Cover the bottom of your jar with a 1” thick layer of pebbles. This will act as drainage for your soil.

2) Activated Charcoal

Add a layer of activated charcoal. *This step is necessary if your are using a closed jar* The activated charcoal keeps the water fresh and fights bacteria.

3) Soil

Add your potting soil. Make sure you use the right potting soil for the plants you are using.

4) Plants

Now you can add your plants and arrange them how you like. It's easiest if you start with the biggest plant first.

5) Decor

Now that everything is placed in your jar, you can either decorate with a layer of moss or more pebbles. Enjoy!