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DIY Trendy Fall Nails

Beautiful Nails Without Special Products

September is the month that we get excited about entering into fall! This is an excellent nail design that will lead us into the next season. While it may look intricate, it is simple when broken up into steps. The contrasting black and white nails really pull the look together in a stylish, gorgeous way. Three colors are needed: white, black, and your favorite fall color. (I am using "Give Me Pie!" by Madam Glam.) For each hand, the main accent nail will have a white background, the second accent nail will have a black background, and the other three nails will be the beautiful chosen color. 

The main tools you need for the designs are a thin line brush and a dotting tool. That’s it! These are available on Amazon. Another implement that would be helpful is a little dish or folded tin foil to put polish on, so you can easily do nail art with the line brush. And of course, you’ll need basic manicure items. (This article will not go into details of each step of a manicure, but rather the steps of the design.) It is important to remember to let the polish dry, or be cured if it’s gel polish, in between each step. 

Here are the steps for the main accent nail:

Step one: on the nail that is painted white, use your line brush and paint a thin “H” across the nail (as pictured) using black polish.

Step two: using a dotting tool, paint a dot on the line in the middle of the “H”, and then a dot centered in the top half of the “H”, as well as in the bottom half. Three dots total. 

Step three: create an “X” in the top half of the “H”, with the dot in the center. Repeat the same for the bottom half. The centered dots help the “X” be symmetrical! 

Step four: In the top half of the “H”, paint a thin little floating line in each section of the “X” (which would make four lines total) going towards the center dot. Repeat the same for the bottom half of the “H”. 

Step five: on each side of the “H”, paint little lines in a slanted, upward direction. 

And now it can be topped with top coat! I love this design, it is intricately simple. As you can see in the picture- the second accent nail is a design that uses similar slanted lines as step five, so it compliments it well. Have fun with it and make it your own! This is the perfect fall look. I hope you enjoy this pattern and if you would like to see more you can follow me on Instagram at

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