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D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro

The New Must-Go Spot for Authentic Cajun Cuisine

Atlanta will gain a new restaurant this spring: D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro. As a self-proclaimed food expert, I cannot wait to establish my favorite table, but first I want to chat with the author-turned-restaurant-owner of Eat What You Kill.  

Talking to Donald Williams is like chatting with a good friend from Nawlins’. The New Orleans native proudly represents the city wherever he goes. He’s the real deal and he’s dripping sauce all over the “A.” Everything about him is authentic—his passion for quality ingredients, creating memorable experiences, and giving back.

With his mother beside him beaming with pride, Donald served men, women, and children at the Atlanta Mission. The feedback? The food was delicious! He believes that every dish should be made with love and quality ingredients. This was evident in the satisfaction of those enjoying the meal.

While D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro is a new endeavor, since 2006 he has carved his own path. In fact, it has been noted that Donald teaches women how to walk in high heels. He explains this as he enjoys teaching others how to evaluate their next steps in business. For example, when a person decides to try walking in heels, before taking the first step, they must stand and then firmly plant one foot in front of the other. He equates this to understanding that in business, it takes work—it may appear shaky initially, but steady yourself understand where you are, execute it, and then take the next step.

What to expect at D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro: 

·      Impeccable customer service. Donald takes note of great customer service and implements it into his company. 

·      Teamwork. The staff at D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro will work as a team to ensure a memorable experience. 

·      Authenticity. The menu will be intimate with dishes flavored to perfection. Diners will savor Po Boys, gumbo, Cajun rice, catfish, and etouffee that is equal to traveling to New Orleans.   

·      Atmosphere. Donald has been careful to ensure mood-setting music will be at a volume that allows conversation.

·      Drinks to match. Just like the dishes, D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro will offer drinks that are created to complement the dish. Quality ingredients mixed to perfection.

If you cannot wait, Donald shared a recipe for one of his favorite dishes, Cajun rice. There are no measurements because the dish should be tailored to your taste and should be prepared with love, just the way Donald makes it.


Ground beef

Garlic powder

Cayenne powder

Holy Trinity (onions, bell peppers, and celery)

Parboiled rice

Beef broth


Brown the ground beef with the Holy Trinity and garlic; add in seasonings. Add beef broth and rice; lower the heat until rice is tender.

Let’s meet at D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro, located at 3300 Cobb Parkway, Suite 104, for Easter Sunday’s dynamic brunch. Schedule this location as your regular Sunday brunch spot. See you at D’Juan’s!

IG: @DJuansBistro

Facebook: DjuansBistro

If you cannot wait, Williams shared a recipe for one of his favorite dishes Cajun rice.  There are no measurements because the dish should be tailored to your taste, this should be prepared with love-just the way Williams prepares it.


    Ground beef

    Garlic powder

    Cayenne powder

    Holy Trinity ( onions, bell peppers and celery)

    Parboiled rice

    Beef broth

 Instructions:   Brown the ground beef with the holy trinity and the garlic, add in the seasonings.  Add the beef broth and the rice, lower the heat until the rice is tender.