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Three local medical experts share their days

We asked these three doctors about how they get to know their patients, what tools or trends in their field that they are excited about for 2022 and how they stay fueled and sharp for their days in the office.


Dr. Danyo

North Atlanta Hair Restoration

631 N Main St #200, Alpharetta

Connecting with patients: I always ask about their hobbies, interests, or where they are traveling from? How has hair loss impacted your life? What are your expectations for treatment?

New in 2022? We are excited about hair transplant procedures that can be concealed so that nobody knows you had a procedure done.

Staying fueled: Avocado toast, KIND Bar, coffee 

Dana Neascu, MD

Founder, Medical Creations Integrative Medicine

6065 Roswell Rd. Ste #830


Connecting with patients: When was the last time when you felt good? How is your illness impacting your life and your energy? What do you do to ‘’stop’’ your brain and relax even for a second?

New in 2022: I am excited to announce and promote what I think the 2022 trend will be for beauty: a truly holistic approach to skin health! Naturally enhancing your beauty, rehabbing your skin from within by balancing hormones, vitamins, gut-liver health and using intelligent, noninvasive yet powerful facial devices is the way of to go!

Staying fueled: Breakfast: boiled eggs with a piece of cheese and few almonds; late morning snack: a handful of nuts, a cup of coffee with MCT oil or grass-fed butter, a fruit; late afternoon pick me up: a shake, hummus, nuts.

Dr. Kevin Lie

LifeHope Healing Medspa

3333 Old Milton Pkwy Suite 100, Alpharetta

Connecting with patients: There’s always a story with everything - a past, a present, and a future. Our journey with our patients always begins with their history or past. When it comes to aesthetics, I like to find out about their past treatments or experiences. Then, where they are and finally, where they want to be. The future is a place of uncertainty and patients can be unsure of their results and outcomes. That’s why our multidisciplinary team has the ability to provide multiple treatment plans from multiple perspectives and disciplines to match and deliver realistic, durable, and desired results.

New in 2022: Sometimes, standard medicine will only offer medications, hormones, or surgeries that have diminishing long-term results or have undesirable side effects or recovery. It has been my passion throughout my career to advocate for my patients and provide individualized care that fits with their philosophies and lifestyles. That’s where my specialty of Vascular & Interventional Radiology has excelled and made its impact over the last few decades. VIR is the most technologically advanced medical specialty, using advanced imaging to guide wires and catheters through blood vessels or probes into internal organs to treat many disease states including targeted therapies for many cancers. Most of the minimally invasive procedures that I perform are done without anesthesia using only “twilight” sedation and performed in an outpatient same-day setting. 

Staying fueled: Vegan Chocolate Coconut PROBAR and 40-ounce Mangofest smoothie. Boom and yummy!