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When you find an insurance agency that not only represents an outstanding company, but that also prides itself in doing the right thing for their clients, you know you can sleep better at night, knowing your family and belongings are well protected. Meet Thomas Eggar, someone who can definitely give you that peace of mind.

Thomas is a “true Texan” who has lived in various parts of the state and has been involved in various industries. He lived his first half of his life in Odessa working with his father in the grocery industry early on. His family eventually moved to Plano, where he graduated from high school. Thomas moved to the McKinney area in the mid-2000’s and has worked for Lowes and served as a manager of a Hobby Lobby. 

Thomas’ uncle had been inducted into the Allstate Hall of Fame, and the insurance industry finally became his passion, initially working for Allstate, then forming a company that provided leads for insurance agents but realized he had more to offer. Having great confidence in himself and what he had to offer, and in the horrid year of 2000, Thomas opened his office on December 1, 2020. 

Some might find that a very risky undertaking, but Thomas likes challenges and is supported whole-heartedly by his recent fiancé and now wife, Cloe. Amazingly, this new team has already reached the status of #3 in his region, which is not small— from Texas to Canada with over 3000 groups included. The newlyweds celebrated with a honeymoon in Cabo in early May.

Thomas says the most rewarding thing is the education about insurance that he provides both clients and potential clients. His team’s goal is to make sure that not only do their clients have the proper coverage they need but that they understand why they have that coverage, what the advantages are, and what any risks might still exist if the client is limited financially. In fact, Thomas says the most challenging aspect of his business is that people need to understand that opting out to the cheapest insurance can indeed end up costing you much more than you initially might save.

Thomas also wants people to know that his team gives his clients 24-hour availability. He knows that accidents and damages from storms, etc., can happen at any time and that his clients may need help at any point in time.

Cloe is from McKinney, where she graduated from McKinney Boyd HS and didn’t think she would ever leave, but the couple has recently purchased a home in the Light Farms Community, just outside of Prosper in Celina. Thomas brought three children into the family. Katy, 16, is a band member and part of the marching band. Annie, 10, is into softball and gymnastics. Owen, 7, loves wrestling and basketball.

Having worked for Lowes, it is not surprising Thomas enjoys home projects and renovation and builds cornhole boards for friends and family. To Cloe’s delight, Thomas is a chef, having attended culinary school, and does the cooking, while Cloe is the “detail person” in the family handling everything else. 

So, drop by their office at 2770 Virginia Pkwy, Ste 201 in McKinney, give them a call at (972) 807-7797, or visit their website at https://agents.farmers.com/tx/mckinney/thomas-eggar to become a member of the family, which is how Thomas and his team will treat you.

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