Don't Let the Name Fool You

TITLE BOXING CLUB Will Be the Best Hour of Your Day!

This fitness focused, locally and family-owned business is a total surprise to many. No, you don’t hit anyone, and no one hits you. But if you want to experience the truly best boxing-inspired workout of your life, go hit the bags and enjoy an hour of workout that can truly transform your body, as well as teach you a little about protecting yourself and your family.

TITLE BOXING CLUB is owned by Justine Poffel. The club is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary serving the city of McKinney. Justine had discovered this facility years ago and learned quickly that it was, as she states emphatically, “The best workout I had ever had.” So, when the opportunity arose to purchase the business, her 401k from working in the telecom industry was used so she could enter a field she is truly passionate about.

It is absolutely a family-owned and operated business. Her husband Stephen makes sure that everything is working right and installs new products and fitness equipment. Their oldest son Jack is a trainer while their 20-year-old son Jonah works behind the desk, and Cooper (12) and Ben (20) help during special events. They consider the community as part of their family and support various charities and non-profits and are always looking to support and partner with other local businesses.

This is not the experience you get in big-box gyms or other come-and-go fitness fads. Justine is proud of the solid reputation they have earned as being a place you look forward to coming into. The CLUB has become a place where you can meet, or join with, friends, somewhere you will receive great support and motivation on their fitness journeys. Many have found this to be their sanctuary where they can use this great workout to help boost their spirits when feeling down or going through tough times. Craving a change? This could be the place that will finally provide you with the program to do it!

Like every other fitness facility, the pandemic affected membership. In fact, the pandemic has created a number of changes in the industry. There are online workouts and fitness at home products. But what is lacking in those are what humans need to the most— community interaction, being with friends, not just being pushed, but pushed while using the proper technique. Some exercises, if performed wrong, can do more harm than good. Plus, the beauty of TITLE BOXING CLUB is that you don’t have to come only during specific class times. As a member you can hit up the club at any time during the day to box under the 50+ bag stand, workout on the cardio equipment or lift weights in the weight area between 5:15 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. Want a private lesson, Sundays are available by appointment only.

It’s no secret the pandemic has been very tough on the fitness industry, prompting most fitness studios to focus on reducing expenses and cutting costs. Justine and Stephen took the opportunity to increase the number of products and services, making the overall experience even better than before. Enhancing the club experience by upgrading the audio and video systems, incorporating Myzone Heartrate Monitoring to gamefy the workout experience and offering state of the are InBody Body Compostions scans so their members can measure their results at the most professionally accurate level. TITLE Boxing Club McKinney is by design the opposite of your standard big box cookie cutter gym 24-hour gym.  “We tell our members every day, we are here because you are here,” Says Justine, “and every decision we make, every class we teach, event we facilitate is for them.” Come to the CLUB and see what all has been added to enhance your experience and resulting performance.

The staff and trainers at the CLUB do this as their careers of choice. General Manager Isaiah Perez has been working at the club since its inception in 2012 and studied physical therapy in school. Head trainer Delmar Peirce is a current mixed martial artist getting ready to go from amateur to professional in 2022.  The coaching staff puts their heart and soul into creating high octane boxing-inspired fitness classes that are not just exciting, but accessible to all ages and fitness levels. They will push you to achieve your best because their passion is helping you to achieve your goals, not theirs.

Products and services offered at TITLE BOXING CLUB are:

·       Get your high cardio, core, and technique via boxing and kickboxing experiences

·       Accountability Coaching Services help you create attainable health and fitness goals and provides one-on-one coaching services that help you meet them.

·       Free weights, cardio equipment available

·       Personal Training services to help you learn proper form and techniques

·       Kids classes help protect your child from bullying

·       InBody, a leading professional body composition analyzer to track member results

·       MyZone Heartrate Monitors provide instant workout feedback and serves to gaemfy the workout experience

·       Exciting member fitness and weight loss challenges to keep the journey exciting

·       Special charity events, monthly open houses

·       The Performance Store offers gear from TITLE Boxing and most recently fashions from Savvi

So, if you are ready to truly make a change in your life physically, while having a lot of fun, meet new friends, train with old friends, and, most importantly, get the best results you can imagine, done in the correct way— then you need to stop by for a free session! You won’t regret it!

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