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How a Neighborhood Institution Has Grown and Thrived in the Boulder Community Since 1929

Anyone with a green thumb (or even those just looking for a special something) listen up! Upon entering Sturtz & Copeland, one is greeted with endless opportunities for gifting and gardening. While your first impression may be that of a country cottage, visitors will soon discover a verdant, tropical oasis. Don’t be surprised if your child-like excitement gets the best of you as you stroll through the spacious indoor greenhouse filled with indoor plants, succulents, pottery, gifts and so much more. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with owner Carol Riggs to hear the scoop on all things Sturtz & Copeland. A Buff alum, grandmother to eight, and community fixture, Carol exemplifies a small-business owner whose affection and commitment to her employees and customers shines through. Since taking over the business from the founding owners, Carol has cultivated relationships throughout the community, allowing her business to flourish all around Boulder and beyond.

Not only does Sturtz & Copeland prioritize quality products and customer service done right, but they also pride themselves on being a staple in the community and more importantly, customer’s lives.

“We get these customers that have been shopping with us year after year,” Carol says. “They start and get married and we do the wedding flowers, then they have a baby and we do the arrangements for a baby shower. It’s totally generational.” I can attest to this philosophy as I observe Carol greeting both long-time as well as new customers with a warm smile.

From prom corsages and boutonnieres, to housewarming gifts and funeral floral arrangements, the team at Sturtz & Copeland is here to be “all-things-solved people,” says Carol. They’re old school, and want customers to come in using all their senses––to smell, touch, see and then pick. 

“Everything we do makes people happy,” Carol says. “This is nice for both the employee and the customer.” There really is something for everybody, and it’s almost impossible to leave the store empty-handed.

As our lives have been uprooted and disoriented due to the recent pandemic, Carol believes that the stability and grounding that her business provides has become a lifeline for her beloved customers. Currently, Sturtz & Copeland offers delivery that affords customers quality, convenience and safety through a contactless service.

Depending on the season and holiday, Sturtz & Copeland is ever-evolving with items such as Christmas trees and small gifts in December to Easter basket fixings and decor in the spring. No matter the unique occasion, one can count on a tasteful and refined selection all year long. 

Sturtz & Copeland is both an institution and an inspiration.

If you’re looking for fresh cut flowers with a personal touch, opt for a custom bouquet made from one of the many floral designers or create your own arrangement with individual stems from their walk-through fridge featuring a seasonal selection. 

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