Dr. Chantrise Sims Holliman

Disturbing the Universe

Article by Myia King Gordon

Photography by Karen Marie Images

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

Allow me to introduce to you a woman who needs no introduction. 

She is a bilateral amputee who is courageous in her desire to #dreamoutloud, caring in her approach to being the example to #livethedreamyouimagine, and conquering in her determination to eliminate excuses that stifle success.

She is a sister who is humble and helps others on purpose. Her company, Disturb the Universe, LLC, was founded to help educators and school leaders think creatively to find unique solutions for improving academic outcomes for students while focusing on providing quality professional development and motivational workshops to a variety of organizations.

She is a child of God who is anointed and obedient to her calling. She relies on her faith in God to accomplish her goals and to be a reflection of those G.O.A.L.S. (#God #Ordained #Amazing #Leader #Soaring).

She is a speaker who is notable in her expertise and nurturing in her vision to lead by example and win in spite of the adversity that may cause us to stumble. For her, stumbling does not, and will not, ever mean stopping.

She is a heart attack survivor who is tenacious in teaching us “to keep moving in spite of obstacles we face!” There are no excuses in her life.

She is a decorated educator who understands that respect is earned. She is resilient in teaching her students how to solve problems while motivating them to get the best out of themselves and every learning experience.

She is an author who is insightful and inspiring in her writings. Teach Stay Love: A Reflective Journal to Help You Stay in the Profession You Love and, her latest book, Shoes Without Feet: A Journey of Strength, Hope, Obstacles, Encouragement, Success offers inspiration that emboldens us to keep moving forward, counsels us to stand strong in the midst of challenges, and reminds us to dispel the notion that our situations and consequences define our ability to be successful at reaching our goals while facing adversity.

She is a friend who is strong, sapient, and selfless in her desire to be the example she sets in her life emphasizing the enormity of life and how we must live it intentionally without stipulations or limitations.

She is a mother who is empowering and effective in edifying to her children, and to us all, that we are enough and are worthy of greatness, prosperity, and love.

Dr. Chantrise Holliman is writer, speaker, educator, heart attack survivor, bilateral amputee, wife, mother, sister, friend, and most importantly, a Child of God.  Raised in Newton, Massachusetts, Dr. Holliman is the proud wife of Rev. CJ Holliman, Pastor of New Grant Chapel AME Church in East Point, GA, the biggest cheerleader for her 22 year old daughter Astede (Ah-se-da) Jahannes and the “Bonus Mom” to Kaleb, Hannah, and Chris (RIH). In September, she will be giving her first TEDx talk at TEDx Chandlers Creek in Newnan. 

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