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Reframing Your Style

Improving Vision and Outlook

Clear vision is empowering. For those seeking total freedom from eyewear, Heart of Texas Eye Care provides options for laser vision correction. The physicians and staff work together to create the ultimate patient experience. They strive to provide the best in eye care and are dedicated to delivering efficient, state-of-the-art, ethical patient care.

“Style and lifestyle are not the same thing, but they are related. I consider great vision as a must for a carefree lifestyle,” says Lara Dudek, M.D. “Style accessories like jewelry and non-prescription glasses are optional and change with the trends. Vision correction affects the way we function and impacts our lifestyle."

We use our vision every waking moment of the day. For ease and safety, laser vision correction has the highest satisfaction rates of any elective procedure. It is a cheaper and safer alternative to prolonged contact lens use. The practice uses the most advanced diagnostics to form a customized plan. “It is like getting a tailored suit rather than one off the rack.”

“The day after a procedure is like a big reveal. The team has measured, planned and programmed the procedure that is the best fit for the patient.  To witness someone who has needed glasses to drive and convert them so someone who can see clearly with a procedure that takes less than 20 minutes is nothing short of miraculous,” she says. “The impact for travel, exercise, water sports or simply waking up is very underestimated.  It is truly one of the biggest joys of my life to witness this gift of liberation."

In addition to laser vision correction, they also offer cataract surgery to improve clarity of vision and provide patients with a fresh outlook on life. For those who prefer to accessorize their eyes, they also prescribe glasses and contacts.