Dr. George W. Williams, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Williams has made a name for himself in the CSRA as a OBGYN

Mothers from all over the CSRA have trusted Dr. George W. Williams, Jr., M.D. to safely deliver their babies for years. He has worked at OBGYN Partners of Augusta since 1980 and over the course of his career, Dr. Williams delivered around 15,000 newborns. “I remember the first time I saw a delivery… I was just thrilled to be there,” says Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams grew up in Douglas, Georgia. “My father was a dentist for many years and I actually got accepted to Dental School,” says Dr. Williams. After considering his options, Dr. Williams decided to become an OBGYN. “I thought a lot about it, it wasn’t a spontaneous decision. I liked surgery and I liked PEDs, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that. Obstetrics initially was my big goal, bringing a new life in the world and being a part of that family, it’s exciting,” says Dr. Williams.

Helping those in need is also important to Dr. Williams. He has taken multiple medical mission trips to different parts of the world including West Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, South America, Hungary, and Chili. 

Dr. Williams no longer delivers babies, but he currently sees patients that are past having children. You can call OBGYN Partners of Augusta at 706-722-1381. They are located at 1348 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30901

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