Dr. Lucas B. Richie, MD

the man who keeps Mount Juliet strong

Another busy morning at Hughtson Clinic Orthopedics meant that Dr. Richie could be seen seamlessly flowing in and out of each patient's doorway with the same gentle smile. The day’s urgency was no match for Dr. Richie and his team. After speaking with him for a few moments, it didn't take long to understand exactly where he gets the motivation to serve our community through his remarkable insight and a firm grasp on the world of orthopedics and sports medicine. 

Dr. Richie grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and became the first person in his family to go to college. He graduated from the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio, and went on to study medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He then completed his residency at Michigan State University. "I knew I wanted to concentrate on sports medicine and be the expert," he explained. After residency, Dr. Richie chose an elective fellowship back at Cincinnati, where he had the unique experience of getting to work one-on-one with the players of the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball team. His experience with the Reds awarded him an opportunity to learn amongst the team and continue to sharpen his skills while on the field and in the dugouts of every game. 

After being presented with an opportunity to serve the Nashville area, Dr. Richie and his wife decided to move from Ohio to Tennessee and put down their roots in Mount Juliet. Dr. Richie is notably a family man. He, his wife, and three children use their free time to enjoy all that Nashville offers. From symphonies to Preds games, they take pleasure in being a part of this one-of-a-kind town. For now, the Richie’s mostly enjoy cheering on their oldest son, Parker (five), during his t-ball games.

 Dr. Richie has also established himself as the team physician for the athletic department at Mount Juliet High School. "I'm on the ballfield with the Mount Juliet football team every Friday," he proudly stated. In addition to his roles as a local orthopedic surgeon at Hughston Clinic Orthopedics and as a team physician for the Mount Juliet High School athletes, Dr. Richie continues to set his sights on growth. "I want to offer services that not everybody else can." He pointed out, "People honestly trust their livelihood and their life with me, and I take that very seriously." He carefully explained that sports medicine is not limited to athletes. Most of his patients can be found on either side of that spectrum, whether it be someone of toddler age or the weekend warrior in their sixties just wanting to get back to doing what they love most. Dr. Richie's inherent curiosity surrounding injuries and how people recover from those injuries is a constant driving factor in his desire to continue meeting the boundaries of sports medicine and orthopedics.

At the heart of Dr. Richie's story lies his own experience in putting the life of his newest family member in the hands of physicians. Last year at only five days old, his daughter, Piper, underwent life-saving open-heart surgery at Vanderbilt due to a serious heart condition she was born with. The Richie family suddenly found themselves residing at a children's hospital for nearly forty days while Piper began her recovery from her very dramatic start to life. With all of their family back in Ohio, it started to sink in that they were alone in the city they had made their home. But Mount Juliet did what they do best, and they came together for the man who has been there for their families in times of need. "Somebody from the community was bringing my family dinners every single night," he stated. "We didn't know we had anybody down here, but everybody came together." When he was able to return to the football field at Mount Juliet, the players welcomed Dr. Richie with the initials "P.R." (Piper Richie) placed on the back of each of their helmets. "We love this community; we are forever and ever grateful," he boasted. 

Dr. Richie came to Nashville for a new start and to grow his family. Our community gained an invaluable pillar of care and ambition, while he gained a particular kinship with those he calls friends and neighbors. He treats Mount Juliet like family, and family is never far from his mind. 


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