Good Vibes At Janoff & Khatri

At Her Concierge Pediatric Practice, Dr. Khatri Makes A Community Impact

To visit Janoff & Khatri Pediatric Dentistry is to enter the magical, whimsical realm of Dr. Nilofer Khatri. Dr. Khatri—Nilo—as she is known to her staff, patients and friends, is a true Florida original, and one of the leading dental entrepreneurs in our community. A board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Nilo grew up in Tallahassee, attended the University of Florida for both undergraduate and dental school, and completed her residency at NYU. Now supported by a staff of 15, plus her husband ‘Eddie’ and three young children—Ameer 6,  Maya 5, and Zayd 3—Dr. Nilo is building her practice with the hope of satisfying her patients, as well as sending a big ripple of good vibes through the community.

Her practice, Janoff & Khatri, combines excellence in technical pediatric dental medicine with the highly attentive nature of a personalized concierge service. Dr. Khatri looks to companies like Disney, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton for inspiration as the sort of high-level attention and experience she promises her patients and their families. Always understanding, encouraging, and welcoming of everyone, Dr. Khatri and her staff put their patients’ concerns first, are trained to practice active listening, and know that parents have lots of questions. All of these are important to Dr. Khatri.  

“My core value is ‘impact,’” she explains. “I really want to have an impact on my community through leadership and good works. Having a positive impact begins within the ‘four walls’ of Janoff & Khatri Pediatric Dentistry. I have brought my entire team on board with me in this philosophy, we do a ton of leadership work and summits, improve ourselves through book clubs, and listen to podcasts together.  Included in the idea of impact is the robust internship program we have. I believe strongly in female entrepreneurship and leadership and we bring on interns from our local high schools and regional universities.”

Dr. Khatri and Janoff & Khatri’s interns together recently read author Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter—And How To Make The Most Of Them Now.”

“Our internship program has ben going on for ten years and has been incredibly satisfying for me,” says Dr. Khatri. “By me imparting the lessons I learned from others on my interns, I know that what I have to teach will live on, will ripple through the world through them and what they go on to do. Impact in that sense is about leaving a lasting legacy.”

Dr. Khatri’s own legacy is built on the work of Dr. Jeff Janoff, who Dr. Khatri bought the practice from in 2008. Though Dr. Janoff only works at the practice now with his long-time patients, the guidance he gave Dr. Nilo when she began in Venice stays with her.

“We were introduced through a friend, we broke bread over dinner, and the rest is history,” says Dr. Nilo. “Dr. Janoff was looking to move toward retirement after working in Venice for many decades, and I was looking to build a practice. Jeff has served as a mentor and father figure for me and I am so grateful for him. He taught me to be an effective businesswoman and entrepreneur.”

Before Covid, Dr. Khtari made her practice so welcoming, parents and extended family came to support their children and simply visit and hang out. The fun-loving Dr. Khatri is known for her sense of humor and for the elaborate photo shoots she stages where she and her staff all dress up in different themes, like pirates. 

“We’ve built a beautiful little community of families,” she says. “I love what I do, I feel like I was put on this earth to do it, and that it’s my calling.” 

Now following all Covid protocols and utilizing full PPE and air filtration systems, Janoff & Khatri accepts patients from age one. Dr. Khatri’s goals are to make every child feel safe and comfortable in the dentist’s chair, and to teach lifelong lessons about hygiene and tooth care. She and her staff spend many hours in local schools doing community outreach through fun and informative programs on dental hygiene. The practice also supports The Twig, a Venice nonprofit that supports children in foster care through providing new clothing at its store. 

“I love Venice and this community,” says Dr. Khatri. “In the beginning, Eddie and I were a bit nervous about what to expect because of Venice’s reputation as a quiet, retirement community. But after more than a decade here, we love Venice as a wonderful place to raise our children, to be a part of a real small town, and to feel supported in return. There is nowhere else we would rather work and live.”

Anyone visiting Janoff & Khatri for the first time will immediately feel the warm, welcoming vibe. That comes directly from Dr. Khatri.

“We strive to be fun, inviting, light and engaging,” says Dr. Khatri. “Our practice will take care of you as though you have always been one of our very own.”

 333 Miami Ave. W., Venice.941.484.2629.

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